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  • why is there a waiting period for marriage license

    Each state has different laws regarding getting married. One thing each state, including the District of Columbia, has in common is that they all require getting a marriage license. Some states are less restrictive than others. More than half of the statesPhave no waiting times. Wisconsin has the longest waiting period6 days. In order to get married, some of the variables that change from state to state include the need for blood tests, waiting periods before applying for the license and getting the license, and how soon you can get married after you are issued the license. Another thing to keep in mind is that most marriage licenses have an expiration.


    why we celebrate memorial day in usa

    It s easy to forget what Memorial Day actually means while you re sitting by the pool and looking ahead at summer vacation but the day signifies much more than just a three-day weekend. Memorial Day is a solemn day of remembrance for everyone who has died serving in the American armed forces. The holiday, originally known as Decoration Day, started after the Civil War to honor the Union and Confederate dead. It s unclear exactly where the holiday originated Charleston, S. C. , Waterloo, N. Y. , Columbus, Ga. and other towns all claim to be the birthplace of the holiday. The event in Charleston that may have precipitated the holiday offers poignant evidence of a country struggling to rebuild itself after a bloody war: 257 Union soldiers died in prison in Charleston during the Civil War and were buried in unmarked graves, and the town s black residents organized a May Day ceremony in which they landscaped a burial ground to properly honor the soldiers.


    why viscosity decreases with increase in temperature

    Viscosity and surface tension are two physical characteristics of a liquid. Viscosity is the measure of how resistant to flow a liquid is, while surface tension is defined as how resistant the surface of a liquid is to penetration. Both viscosity and surface tension are affected by changes in temperature. What is Viscosity? Viscosity is determined by the time it takes a given amount of liquid to flow through an instrument called a viscometer tube; essentially a narrow pipe. A good example of viscosity is liquid flowing through a straw: water, which has a low viscosity, will flow more freely than honey, which has a high viscosity. Liquids like honey have a higher viscosity because they contain more complex molecular structures; while water consists of simple hydrogen and oxygen bonds, honey also contains sugars.


    why do we still use greek architecture

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    why do we have fish on good friday

    Get daily updates directly to your inbox It's a tradition millions of us follow - eating fish on Good Friday. It's as much a part of as and the, only this tradition goes back much further. Christians have abstained from eating meat on Good Friday for centuries and many people, whether or not they are religious, still will only eat fish on the day. In fact many Christians, especially Catholics, won't eat meat on any Friday. The reason behind this tradition is very much a religious one. It's believed Jesus Christ suffered and died on the cross on a Friday, Christians from the very beginning have set aside that day to remember this and 'unite their sufferings'. This led the Church to mark every Friday as a 'Good Friday', where people remember the Passion by offering the 'penance'. Meat was seen as a worthy sacrifice as it was linked with feasts and celebrations. In ancient cultures meat was seen as a delicacy and the fattened calf wasn't slaughtered unless there was something to celebrate. Fridays were seen as a day of penance so eating meat on a Friday to celebrate the death of Jesus didn't sit well with the Church. So why is fish not seen as meat? The Church law specifically said land animals. Abstinence laws consider that meat comes only from animals such as chickens, cows, sheep or pigs Б all of which live on land. Birds are also considered meat. Fish aren't seen as the same classification. The distinction is mostly down to the Latin where the word used for meat is carnis, which means 'animal flesh'. Importantly, while meat was seen as celebratory, fish was seen as an 'everyday thing' with most people being fishermen. The reason it may seem strange today is the cultural change in how we see meat, which has now become more of an everyday meal choice.


    why was the draconian code of law important

    The actual importance of the Corpus Juris Civilis (Body of Civil   Law), which was later also called the Justinian Code, and which was   commissioned by J
    ustinian I and was published in a second edition in 534 is   unknown. There is no historical record of the its impact at the time.     This work was forgotten after the fall of the Roman Empire until   it was discovered in a library in Pisa in 1070. It had a big impact because   many people were impressed with the key principles of Roman civil law:   citizenship and citizenship rights, equality under the law, the right to a   trial and the right to appeal, innocent until proven guilty, that the burden of   proof rest on the accuser and not on the accused, and that an unfair law can be   repealed. Eventually, though this work, Roman civil law became the foundation   of the civil laws of many modern countries.     The Corpus Juris Civilis came in four parts     1) The Codex (book)   which was a review of imperial laws going back 400 years (to the time of Hadrian).   It scrapped obsolete or unnecessary laws, made changes when necessary and   clarified obscure passages. Its aim was to put the laws in a single book   (previously they were written on many different scrolls), harmonise conflicting   view among jurists which arose from centuries of poorly organised development   of Roman law and have a coherent body of law. It consists of 12 books, 1 book   covers ecclesiastical law, the duties of high officers and sources of law, 7   cover private law, 1 criminal law and 3 administrative laws.     2) The Digesta which   was a collection of fragments taken from essays on laws written by jurists   (mostly from the 2nd and 3rd centuries) and which expressed the private   opinions of legal experts.


    why do we need ethics in society

    There are times when the right and wrong decisions are obvious, but what about the times where the outcome is less clear? Situations where, if nobody knew you made the wrong decision, you would benefit financially, emotionally, or otherwise. Ethics help us navigate the gray area between absolute right and morally wrong. They provide the structure that helps us make a decision we can be proud of. For me personally, ethics are the rules that society must adhere to. Descartes may have said БI think, therefore I amБ but it is not only thinking that makes mankind sentient, itБs the ability to think and act ethically. Without ethics, society would be reduced to the type of animal behaviour that is seen in nature. Hunt, kill, feed, fornicate. When mankind started to think about the outcome of their action, or inaction, ethics were born. Mankind demonstrates its difference from the rest of the animal kingdom by being imaginative enough to follow a concept through the various possible outcomes, and then deciding on the action that best suits the personal beliefs of the person in question. There are many schools of thought to help us make our ethical choices. Epicurus believed if everyone is honest, prudent, and employs justice when dealing with others, they would be free from retribution from society. Basically, if everyone is good, everything will be good. John Stuart Mills held a variation on this belief, but felt it was more pure to remove the pleasure for oneself. Mills Utilitarianism provides a world where our rewards are not considered in our actions. For Mills, a mantra of БI will cut, you can chooseБ ensures that everyone gets a fair slice of the pie. Immanuel Kant had a different idea about ethics. Kant saw everything as black or white, and mankind has a Бduty without exception.


    why do we have bad breath when we wake up

    Does this sound familiar? You wake up in the morning and quickly cover your mouth with your hand so your partner doesnБt get a whiff of your bad breath. Morning breath, halitosis Б whatever you call it, it can be unpleasant and it probably isn't the way you want to greet your partner, or the day. БEveryone has morning breath to some degree,Б says Sally J. Cram, DDS, a periodontist in the Washington, D. C. , area and a consumer adviser for the American Dental Association. HereБs the simple reason why: When you sleep, your mouth dries out. When your mouth dries out, odor-producing bacteria proliferate. БWhen you sleep, your normal flow of
    decreases,Б Dr. Cram explains. БThatБs why your breath can be worse in the morning. Б If you snore or breathe through your mouth at night, youБre more likely to have bad breath in the morning than those who donБt, she adds. In both situations, your mouth is even more prone to drying out, setting the stage for bacteria to grow. Other Causes of Bad Breath Some medications can cause your mouth to become dry overnight, worsening your halitosis. ThatБs why older people, who are often on many medications, frequently find their breath more unpleasant in the morning. Smokers also may find they have bad morning breath. Smoking not only causes your saliva Б your natural mouth rinse Б to dry up but also can raise the temperature of your mouth, making it a breeding ground for that dreaded bacteria that causes bad breath. Add this to your list of reasons to quit smoking. , too, can lead to bad breath. The mucus that drips down the back of your throat becomes a food source for bacteria. Should your postnasal drip become infected, it can put more odor-causing bacteria in your mouth.


    why do people think atheists have no morals

    You say, "Claiming humans have brains doesn't change the definition to "a human being, especially a person as distinguished from an animal or (in science fiction) an alien. P. s, they have brains"
    Your analogies seem incoherent and unrelated, but if I may paraphrase. you're saying that the definition of human requires that they have a brain so mentioning it post script is redundant? I don't understand the analogy. Are you saying that the definition of atheist requires morals therefore mentioning it post script is redundant? Please clarify. Then out of left field you say "It its said that out of the 10% population of American Atheist, only 0. 254% are in prison. " Great, except for the fact that this number, though I would like to brag about it, is deflated. So many inmates wish to show their releasers that they've changed, or turned a new leaf, and a very convincing argument is that they've devoted themselves to doing the good, or god's work. So it may be that more than. 254% of atheists go into prison and convert to a religion for a better prospect of freedom, thus the number is affected.

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