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  • why you should not be an organ donor

    There are many religions that are against organ transplants. They say it is a mutilation of the body and can actually damage a person's soul. Some religions actually ask their adherents NOT TO ACCEPT organ transplants, but we don't make them. This would be an intolerant and altogether harmful thing to do. 6205 people a year die because they need organs, but there are around 5. 7m people who die a day. So there will be well over 5. 6m organs a year and that brings up many issues such as were are you going to store them? It is a complete waste and a really stupid idea. It could spread disease and a person's personality. No, organ donations should not be compulsory, as it has been heard that organ transplant can change a person's personality and soul. Also these organs possibly could have taken in too much bacteria and cause disease in the other person who is in need for this specific organ, therefore putting the recipient in the same state as before or possibly even worse. Freedom of choice. We are under no obligation to help another. Even though it would be the right thing, many people would rebel against mandatory organ giving. It may be because of religion or the fact you don't want your organs removed from your body. Organ donation is a choice, and shouldn't be compulsory. The people would rebel as the Government is MAKING us do something even if it's against a religion. Will there be exemption clauses? What if you have rabies? If its compulsory then it doesn't seem to exclude these people. We are given a freedom of choice, take that away and you won't have a happy nation. If organ donation were to be made compulsory after death, it may cause people to murder others by hit-and-run incidents just so they die such that the organs could be given to a family member that needs the organ.


    why was the civil war important to american history

    From July 1 to July 3, 1863, the invading forces of General Robert E. LeeБs Confederate Army clashed with the Army of the Potomac (under its newly appointed leader, General
    ) at Gettysburg, some 35 miles southwest of Harrisburg,. Casualties were high on both sides: Out of roughly 170,000 Union and Confederate soldiers, there were 23,000 Union casualties (more than one-quarter of the armyБs effective forces) and 28,000 Confederates killed, wounded or missing (more than a third of LeeБs army). After three days of battle, Lee retreated towards on the night of July 4. It was a crushing defeat for the Confederacy, and a month later the great general would offer Confederate President his resignation; Davis refused to accept it.


    why does my fish float to the top

    Look for signs of infection. Sometimes swim bladder disorder is a symptom of infection, and you won't be able to solve that by changing your fish's eating habits. If you believe that your fish has an infection, it's important to treat that separately to help your fish get healthy again. If your fish has an infection, it will exhibit clamped fins, shaking, and lack of appetite in addition to other symptoms of swim bladder disorder. Start by cleaning the tank to reduce bacteria levels; in many cases, this will kill the bacteria causing the infection. If symptoms persist, consider treating the fish with a broad spectrum antibiotic to cure the infection. Antibiotics are available at your pet store in the form of water treatment drops or medicated fish food flakes. Be sure to follow the instructions so as not to over medicate your fish.
    Why is My Fish Breathing at the Surface? Usually, aquarium fish happily swim and hang out at different depths of the aquarium.


    why do solids liquids and gases expand when heated

    The molecules of a solid are arranged in a tightly-packed, ordered lattice. P The molecules experience some motion, but not much. P It would be fair to say they have a greater attraction between themselves than do the molecules of liquids or gases. P This is what gives matter classified as a solid its physical characteristics of being "solid":P its molecules don't separate from each other. P Liquids, on the other hand, have some attraction for each other, but their molecules are not arranged in the tightly constructed lattice solids have.


    why does my front load washer smell like rotten eggs

    This is a common problem for those of us on the lower Chesapeake Bay. A few million or so years ago an asteroid slammed into the lower portion of the bay fracturing the earths crust severely damaging the aquifers. I'm lucky as mine is not bad but some are unbearable. Removing the anode from the hot water tank solves the problem. Possible cause of the sulfur or rotten egg smell is the bacteria in the tank sediment, a breeding ground for the bacteria that is fed from hydrogen sulfide H2S gas, created from decay of anode rod. Three components are required to generate hydrogen sulfide gas that gives water its rotten egg odor: sulfur, hydrogen, and bacteria. And right there is the solution; if any of the above elements is removed there should be no stinky water smell.


    why do we see more or less of the moon

    For millennia, humans have kept track of time by observing the changing face of the moon. In fact, you may have noticed that the word moon shares its first few letters with the word month and that s no coincidence. The phases of the moon new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter repeat themselves about once every month. But why does the moon have phases at all? To answer this question, it s necessary to understand two important facts. First of all, the moon revolves around the Earth once every 29. 5 days. And secondly, as the moon carries out its voyage around the planet, it s lit from varying angles by the sun. One half of the moon is always illuminated by the sun. But here on Earth, we can t always see the half of the moon that s lit up. What we call the phases of the moon represent the different fractions of the moon s lighted half that we can see as the moon circles the Earth. [
    When the moon and the sun are on opposite sides of the Earth, we perceive the moon as full. However, when the sun and the moon are on the same side of the Earth, we say the moon is new. During a new moon, the side of the moon that we can see from Earth is not at all.


    why do you crave ice when iron is low

    Anemia is a condition where your body does not have enough healthy red blood cells moving through your blood. Without enough iron in your body, red blood cells cannot carry oxygen around efficiently, and the tissues in your body begin to suffer from this decreased oxygen supply. Iron deficiency anemia can occur for several reasons. Most commonly, iron deficiency occurs because of bleeding in the body, such as with excessive menstrual bleeding and bleeding in the digestive tract. It can also occur in people with intestinal conditions such as Crohnвs disease or celiac disease, which might block iron absorption.


    why does my baby wake every hour at night

    Sure! In a nutshell, you want to create a short (20-30 minute) bedtime routine that doesn't end with LO asleep in your arms/nursing/whatever you normally do to put little one to sleep. I used to nurse at the end, but since that was how LO fell asleep, I started doing it first. Now I nurse, put on sleep sack, bedtime story, and then put LO in his crib awake. You then leave the room and allow him/her to fall asleep on their own. You can go in and check on LO at progressively longer time intervals.


    why does my feet itch after a shower

    Itching, burning and tingling of the skin after exercising and taking hot baths can be caused by a condition called cholinergic urticaria. This is a sensitivity to sweat or heat. Symptoms are sometimes followed by an itchy rash. This condition is more common in people with allergies, asthma and atopic dermatitis. People without these conditions can have cholinergic urticaria, too. There is also a rare form of cholinergic urticaria that is inherited. Men and women can have this condition, but it seems to be more common in men.


    why is my diesel blowing black smoke

    Conservative truck owners have a new way to rebel against environmentalists and the government s obsession with carbon footprints:Ptricking-out diesel pickups with coal stacks that spew black smoke. PCalled coal rollers, these smoky renegades use their sweet chimney stacks to smoke-out hybrids by emitting black exhaust into the atmosphere. Here at The Daily Caller, we are going to give you the basics on how to modify your pickup, so every hybrid driven by some guy in a pink Argyle sweater will know exactly where you stand. 1. You have to drive aPdiesel. P
    Sorry, but in order to roll coal, you ll have to switch out that gas-guzzler for a diesel truck the purrs. Diesel fuel is the only way to get those really black clouds of darkness,P. PThick clouds of smoke are produced because fuel is pushed from the engine without being completely burned, and then leaves the pickup as black soot and diesel is the only fuel with that sooty power. 2. Choose exhaust pipes that match your personality. P Called stacks, there are a lot of options for the chimney pipes to build on your truck. Ranging from traditional exhaust pipes that extend from the rear of the truck, or the massive double stacks to add on the bed of the truck directly behind the cab, no matter what you choose, it ll look badass. And luckily enough, stacks are easy to come by, and even come in kits,P 3. Install a smoke switch and start rolling coal like a pro. P A smoke switch is the key to fooling your engine into thinking it needs more fuel, which lets out the excessive amount of diesel needed to belch clouds of black smoke.

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