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  • why do they put fluoride in our drinking water

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    why do my tonsils have holes in them

    Holes in your tonsils, or crypts, are actually normal. They provide a place for your white blood cells to fight bad bacteria that enters your body through your mouth and nose. Once they do this, the dead bacteria and dead white cells are sloughed off and you swallow them. However, a problem arises when these holes are too wide or when they are crooked. When this is the case, it is very easy for food to get stuck in the crypts. The food can rot and cause bad breath and in some cases cause throat infections. Here are some ways that you can cure the holes in your tonsils. Use a syringe with a flat tip to flush out your tonsils. You can use the syringe and water to flush out food particles and bacteria that are stuck in the holes in your tonsils. Do this at least twice a day every other day. Use a cotton swab periodically to clean out the bacteria and food particles from the holes in your tonsils, then rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash such as Listerine to kill any bacteria you might have missed.


    why is my bt infinity so slow

    Use our broadband troubleshooter to test the speed of your BT Broadband or BT Infinity line. We'll then tell you how to understand the test results, and how to make simple changes to make sure you get the fastest speed possible. If thereвs a problem with your line weвll also give you the option to report a fault so we can get it fixed. Connection speed is the speed that your BT Home Hub communicates with the telephone exchange. This is sometimes called 'Sync Speed' or 'Line rate', and is the speed that we quote when you buy a new broadband service. This is the maximum speed your line can support for the type of broadband you're on.


    why do we have policies and procedures in health care

    Like all organizations, health care agencies and providers use policies and procedures to influence employee behavior. For example, a policy is a consistent guide for what employees should do in a set of circumstances. The guide offers a framework for making a decision, but should not constrain personnel to only one option in a given situation. Health care organizations must update internal policies and procedures every time new patient protocols, equipment, technologies or other innovations are adopted. With an ongoing commitment to maintaining policies and procedures, health care entities can ensure staffers make decisions and behave in desired patterns most of the time.
    A 44-year-old woman was admitted to a hospital by her orthopedist for suspected osteomyelitis after knee-replacement surgery. The antibiotic vancomycin (Vancocin, ViroPharma) was selected for treatment. The patient had also been treated for a short period with ketorolac (Toradol, Roche) for analgesia. A pharmacist calculated the vancomycin dosage (1 g every 12 hours) and recommended that blood levels be obtained at a specified time.


    why is my cat pooping outside litter box

    I m realllllllly hoping SOMEONE with experience will read through my post and offer up some advice, tips, anything! I am almost to the end!!!!! My sweet calico cat Joy, is fixed and front declawed. She was born Nov. 20, 2007 and I have had her since January 2008 (she is almost 5 years old). She is up to date on all her shots, and overall very healthy (we took her to the vet 5 months ago. ) She has seemed to be a high anxiety kitty when I reflect back to her is only progressively getting worse. She started peeing outside of her litter box about 3 years ago after I had a room mate who had MANY wild cats. She has not been exposed to that environment in 2 and a half years now since I got married. For almost a year after this, she was the only kitty. About a year and a half ago, my husbands friend had to get rid of their male cat who is fixed, otherwise they were going to put him down (Oliver). We took him in. We noticed some alpha/beta issues almost immediately, but with her. The new kitty Oliver was very meek and quiet. They have a love hate relationship. Oliver is a bit territorial when it comes to HIS toys, HIS food, HIS litter box, but they DO play together and do the usual kitty stuff. About 2 months ago, Joy started pooping outside the litter box, peeing on all of my area rugs, and has always marked certain spots within the apartment. Just a few days ago, I came home from a long 12 hour shift and smelled her urine in our bathroom. She is now peeing on a very expensive rug that was a wedding gift. We have lived here almost 3 years and just now is going into the bathroom, after the fact she has already claimed most of the dinning room (where she is always pooping underneath the kitchen table nook), rugs, etc. Our apartment is pretty much all carpet except for the kitchen and bathroom. being a kitten. However, she has always been exposed to other cats. THINGS I HAVE TRIED (things the Vet suggested and I have read): 1.


    why do we need to classify organisms

    It makes the study of living organisms convenient. It helps in the specific identification of any given organism. The study of a few representatives from each distinct group helps us to integrate the idea of life as a whole. It reveals the relationships among various groups of organisms. It provides information about plants and animals, which occur in specific geographical regions. It indicates the evolutionary relationship by establishing the gradually increasing complexity of form and structure in different groups of organisms.
    All living organisms are classified into groups based on very basic, shared characteristics.


    why do we need to study asian history

    At a time when people, ideas, products and fashions are flowing between Asia and other parts of the world in unprecedented quantities and at unprecedented speeds, there has never been a more pressing time to understand this complex and diverse continent, whether one lives within or far beyond its borders. Jeff Wasserstrom, Editor, Journal of Asian Studies
    Asia is one of the major crossroads of the world: cultural, political, economic and social. Over the centuries, the hybrid cross-breedings from migrations and diasporas, and more recently, from media and communication technologies, have led to shared worlds among countries and cultures within Asia as well as between Asia and the other major regions of the world.


    why is only one side of my nose runny

    A week later, the allergy test results came back negative, just as Greene expected. A few days later, the lab notified Greene with the results of the nasal fluid test, confirming his hunch. The liquid that had been seeping out of Yates' nose for nearly 18 months was not mucus. It was spinal fluid. Greene said he doesn't remember the ensuing telephone conversation, which Yates says she will never forget. "He said, `Mrs. Yates, are you home by yourself? ' " she recalled. When she told Greene her husband was with her, the allergist told her that the fluid came back "100 percent positive for a CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) leak, and you're going to have to have brain surgery. " Yates immediately burst into tears. A CSF leak is usually caused by a blow to the head, but sometimes develops for no apparent reason. It occurs when the fluid that bathes the brain and spinal cord leaks through a hole in the dura, the membrane that surrounds them, typically causing a splitting headache or the discharge of clear fluid through the nose.


    why do we get tears when we yawn

    We cry when we are in despair. We tear up when we yawn. Our eyes well up during moments of immense joy. But why do we cry in the first place? What biological functions does crying serve? While the scientific community struggles to provide concrete explanations for this teary condition, researchers have offered several plausible theories based on the chemical composition of tears and the apparent evolutionary advantages of shedding these salty droplets. In a sense, we actually cry every second of our lives. The lacrimal gland under the upper eyelid constantly secretes protein-rich, antibacterial liquid at a rate up to two microliters per minute. The fluid flows down from the outer edge of the eyeball toward the cornea, and lubricates the entire eye surface every time we blink. Excess liquid then drains into the nasal canal via the tear duct on the bottom eyelid. Of course, we do not normally call this process вcrying.


    why do we need to burp babies

    The air that your baby takes in during every feed can interfere with your little ones digestion, make him feel uneasy and set up stage for more problems inside the stomach. So pick up your baby and burp well to help your little oneБs system be free of excess air. This will help to aid digestion in your baby and keep stomach troubles at bay. Experts and doctors believe that one of the main reasons for babies to suffer from colic, unbearable stomach ache is due to the presence of excessive air trapped inside the abdomen, sucked in during a feeding session. A baby suffering from colic can break into bouts of shrill cries beyond soothing. The best way to deal with colic is to prevent it from happening. And to do that burp your baby well after every feed. This will help your baby get the air out of his systems and reduce the occurrence of colic during the early months of his life. Read more about what to do if your baby wonБt stop crying due to colic. Some mums complain that their babies canБt sleep through the night and would wake up too often. Well look for the signs in your baby that causes sleep disruption. If you see that your baby wakes up and feels better once you make him sit, chances are that the air inside the stomach was interfering with a good sleep. Pick your baby up and try giving a burp before you offer a feed. Remember offering a feed without clearing the air inside can lead to a choking threat. Once you put your baby on the shoulder and pat his back, see if he feels good.

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