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why do people throw rice at weddings

Most people of course don t throw rice anymore, but only because some venues won t allow it. Rice throwing is an ancient tradition, now mostly because venues don t allow it. P The rice is considered a life giving seed. P It is thought that by throwing it on the couple they will be bestowed with fertility and have many children. P Please note also that although it is said, rice is not harmful to birds! (Just had to note that! )
Those who want to retain the traditional symbolism ofP throwing something over the couple as they leave the church, there are aP variety of options.

Due to the urban legend (the bird issue) and that rice can get slippery, many couples have chosen other options like birdseed or sunflower seeds for their nuptials. This, too, is beautiful, but still aP little hard and slippery. A softer choice may be flower petals, lavender, orP fall leaves. A fragrant cascade of color can lead to some exquisite picturesP and will certainly not hurt, however, the petals should be fresh so they don tP discolor before they are tossed. PThen there is the bubbles super slippery surface on any floor and sparklers and now lots of couples are doing ribbons which are so cute!

How are you going to celebrate leaving your ceremony? Why Do You Throw Rice at Weddings? Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind tossing rice at a wedding? When you really think about it, it's a somewhat odd and specific tradition that has become normalized over the years. The practice dates back to ancient Rome when guests wanted to wish newlyweds good luck. At that time, rice was a symbol of fertility and wealth, so tossing it on the big day actually made a lot of sense.

It was a way for friends and family to wish for healthy crops, financial stability, and lots of children. Suggested: (Provided by Newsflare All Videos) It's incredible that all these centuries later, we are still keeping the tradition alive. Of course, nowadays couples opt for alternatives to rice like confetti, glitter, or flowers. No matter what's being thrown, the sentiment is still the same. It's all about hoping for a loving, positive future. May we suggest: Say 'I don't' to these weddingб traditions (Provided by Wochit News)

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