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why do peach tree leaves turn yellow

I'm pretty sure your peach trees have a nitrogen and or iron, and or magnesium deficiency, and or nematode problem. My Florida Prince has leaf yellowing and falling with no signs of fungus. Found enough info on the internet to narrow it down to 4 things things. LOL
I applied Southern Ag's calcium nitrate, common magnesium sulfate(Epson salt), Sunniland's nematode control, and ironite.

My tree is 3+ years old now and produced over 200 peaches this last season. I was using strips of bicycle inner tube to truss the branches up because it had so many peaches. I live in citrus county Florida. Very hot and humid here during the summer.

I spray with a solution of neem oil weekly to keep any fungus at bay. I hope this helps. Im sure it wont hurt anyways. I'll post results in a month or so. Often misidentified as a pathogen, scale is actually tiny insects that reside on peach trees' leaves and stems.

They steal necessary plant liquids from a leaf by penetrating its surface with their sharp mouths. If the scale persists on the leaf, the leaf begins to yellow because it cannot perform photosynthesis without the chlorophyll that is decimated along with the liquids nourishing the scale.

One way to prevent scale in peach trees is to apply horticultural oil across their leaves during the trees' dormant season. Insecticides can work against scale, but they must be applied when peach trees are not blooming; pollination is hindered if insecticides abound while the flowers are open to pollinators.

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