why do people think smoking is cool

Many teens have questions about drugs. On, NIDA scientists get to listen in and answer these questions from students all across the country. HereБs one from
Б zippy do da Б from Kingswood Middle School in New Hampshire : "Why do teens who smoke think they are so cool? " There could be many reasons why teens who smoke think theyБre cool: maybe their friends smoke, maybe their parents told them not to smoke, maybe they think it gives them an edgy look, or a temporary high. But the truth is, as far as your health goes, smoking is so not cool. And who defines cool anyway? WhatБs cool to one person may not be cool to another. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, coolness is an individual decision. thinks that doing something illegal or unhealthy, just because your friends are doing it, is cool. Lots of teens would say it's cooler to hold a pen, paintbrush, or drum stick between your fingers, instead of a cigarette.

When our parents were younger, many of them thought Бthe FonzБ from the hit TV show "Happy Days" was the epitome of cool. Pretty dorky now. Smoking among teens is lower than ever Today it seems like a lot of teen smokers are figuring out that smoking is not very cool at all. According to a 2007 survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,. And, according to the recent NIDA-funded Monitoring the Future study of 8th, 10th and 12th graders, smoking among American teens is at an. Coolness is a funny thing. Some things are cool one year (or one minute! ), and not the next. Other things are cool no matter how much time has passed. WhatБs cool is also influenced by your gender, age, where you live, and, most of all, by who you are. Check out how one high school student Бit even won her a cool prize. But donБt take our word for itБyou decide.

Did you know that every day, 90,000 teens around the world start smoking. ThatБs not cool! Honourable judges, teachers and fellow students. Today I want to tell you why smoking is not cool. Some people especially young people, feel cool and grown-up when they smoke. Young people, feel grown-up because they see older people smoking and they want to be like them. Maybe they think this makes them mature and look older than their friends. б This is a way of showing off in font of friends. They do this to be part of a group. Another reason people might smoke is, if their parents smoke, they might want to smoke too. They do this because they think it is ok because their parents do it. Young people don t see the dangers of smoking. One of the main dangers of smoking is that it causes cancer. б Most lung cancer is caused by smoking, almost 90% in men and 80% in women. These are some other reason, why smoking is not cool.

Teeth can fall out. Bad breath and bad smelling clothes. It is also expensive and a waste of money. So what can be done to stop people from smoking? Retailers must post Age Restriction and Health Warning signs at any location where tobacco is sold. Laws say no selling cigarettes to people under 19 and БNo smokingБ б in public places. They put a no smoking sign at entry doors. Pictures on the packs, that show what cancer can do to you, for example lung and mouth cancer. At school teachers try to educate young people on the dangers of smoking. Even with this information, some people still smoke. They think it is cool and nothing bad will happen to them but they are wrong! In conclusion, I think that smoking is not cool and I hope that all this information helps you make the right choice too. These are some reasons people think smoking is cool and many reasons why it is not!

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