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why do press releases end with 30

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28. What is the origin of -30- at the end of some press releases? The -30- is the traditional journalistic closing which probably came
to be during the Civil War when telegraphers tapped XXX at the end
a transmission, which is the Roman numeral for 30. http://www. writersmarket. com/encyc/t. asp

This symbol is typed at the end of a newspaper story to denote the
end of that piece of copy. The origin of this practice is unknown,
although several stories attempt to explain it. The most popular story places the origin of 30 in the Civil War
period when news was transmitted by telegraph. The first message
sent to a press association in the U. S. contained thirty words,
and so its sender, as was the practice, indicated this with the
number 30 at the end. The 30 was retained for all telegraphed news,
and eventually, for news stories in general. Other theories reported in William Metz s Newswriting: From Lead
to 30, maintain that 30 evolved from the symbol XXX, which was
placed at the end of the very early, handwritten news items. The
symbol, interpreted as a Roman numeral, became, naturally, 30.

Still others have related the origin of 30 to an early typesetting
practice that used the symbol to indicate the end of a line; the
original Associated Press quota of 30 items per newspaper per day;
and a reporter who added his name, Thirtee, to the end of a
telegraphed message, which was changed by the telegrapher to 30. Some
writers use the symbol 30 to indicate the end of an article; others
three number marks (i. e. , # # #); still others simply type The End. http://www. asne. org/kiosk/editor/98. jan/perez1. htm

How did news and wire jargon come to be? Author: Louis M. Perez
Published: May 21, 1998
Last Updated: May 20, 1999

Book review

Wirespeak: Codes and Jargon of the News Business, $14. 95 plus $3
shipping, by Richard M. Harnett, Shorebird Press, 555 Laurel Ave. #322,
San Mateo CA 94401. One of the more intriguing chapters in the book is on the origin of
as the symbol of a story s conclusion. With the departure of paper
our newsrooms, I doubt it s much used anymore unless some romantics
our midst have figured out a way to program it to their save-get keys
without bringing the system down.

While acknowledging that the derivation of 30 can t be proven,
Harnett cites Associated Press historians in declaring that the
symbol had its beginnings in the numbers code created by telegraph
operators. But why 30? Good stories abound. The best ones are
hilarious, having their roots, shockingly, in taverns. The more
plausible versions, though, are
(1) the telegraphers needed a number to end a story and 30 was it, or
(2) they used an XI to end a sentence, two Xs to end a paragraph
and three Xs (the Roman numeral for 30) to end a story. Search: origin of -30-

://www. google. com/search? hl=en lr= ie=UTF-8 oe=UTF-8 q=%22origin+of+-30-%22
###: What does ### mean at the end of a press release? Number sign, pound sign, #, hashtag. On Twitter, the number sign (#) denotes a hashtag. However, when used in journalism and public relations, the number sign has come to have a different meaning entirely. Three number signs/pound symbols (###), centered directly above the boilerplate or underneath the body copy in a press release, indicate to media that there is no further copy to come.

The reporter or editor will know they have the full document in hand. An alternative way of formatting the end of a press release, depending on your J-school professor, is to use Б-30-. Б While for PR pros using ###, -30-, or sometimes even БEND-, is habit, many of us donБt know why or where it originated. There are several theoriesББfrom the Civil War era when Western Union 92 Code of telegraphic shorthand was used to signify the end of a transmissionto a time when stories were written in longhand and X marked the end of a sentence, XX the end of a paragraph, and XXX the end of a story (XXX=30 in Roman numerals). You may have missed them, but pop culture has also seen references to Б-30. Б The finale of the TV series The Wire, which concerned the media, was called Б-30-Б; an episode of Law Order about a poisoned reporter was also titled Б30,Б Bugs Bunny even utters, БThatБs -30- for todayБ in a cartoon. Whichever symbol you decide to use, donБt forget that it comes out of tradition and respect, and simply meansББThe end. Б Lara Cohn, Senior Vice President/Director of Public Relations

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