why do my teeth decay so easily

It's no surprise that multiple university studies suggest that as many as 75 percent of Americans experience some level of fear when it comes to dental treatment; around 15 percent suffer such severe dental anxiety that they skip regular annual visits. However, it isn't in your mouth's best interest to miss those twice-annual dental appointments. "These serve as a first line of defense to screen for tooth decay, oral infections, gum inflammation, and cancers," Townsend says. "These are also a time to discuss changes in salivary flow, bite, teeth alignment, pain or sensations, lesions and other common symptoms.

Delaying detection and treatment of oral health issues is probably one of the biggest health gambles that you can take. " Tip: If you suffer from dental fear or anxiety, talk to your dentist so he or she can help to create a soothing experience.
First. try going online and finding a Dental School in your area. These are student Dentist and usually, they will work with you and only charge you according to your income.

Also, you can try getting free dental care through your local Department of Social Services or Health Department. You can also do what I did, I found a dental discount plan. It is not insurance, but it is a plan that you can buy for usually a year or more. You pay a small sum, (I paid $103. 00) and that small sum covers you for anywhere from 12-24 months! They will supply you with a list of Dentist in your area that take the plan and then you can call the Dentist and tell them that you have the plan and they will have you come in for a consult to see what needs to be done and then you take it from there!

I know if two different Dental discount plans. The one that I used was called Aetna Dental Discount and if found it by going to Dentalplans. com (and there are other discount plans on this site, I just mentioned Aetna, because that is the one that I chose). I ended up spending $4000. 00 on my dental work and I know that sounds like a lot, but without the dental discount through my plan, I would have spent over $12,000. 00 to get my teeth fixed!!!

There is also another one called DentRite, you can research that one too. I really hope that this helps you!! I know what it feels like to have bad teeth and how painful and nasty it can be and I am really happy with what I had done, I now have what they call mini-implants. they pulled all of my upper teeth and I have removiable implants. they are like dentures, but better!! I wish you luck!! and I will add you as a friend, if you want, keep me posted.

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