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why do people think drugs are cool

You have probably heard the saying that middle school or high school never ends, and this is often true. It can certainly be true when it comes to drugs and drug abuse among teens and adults. Many of the reasons why teens choose to do drugs are similar to the reasons why adults do drugs. But teenagers are in a unique situation. Most of them are dependent on their parents or caregivers. They don t have much freedom and independence, and they are not old enough and wise enough to know the possible effects and inevitable outcomes of all that they do. At this age, they could easily think that it s cool to do drugs. When adults try to help teenagers who may be using and abusing drugs, they may have good intentions, but they often choose to use a hard hand first. They approach the situation as guardians of the teens, and they only act with hardness and punishment. In some cases, this might work, but it is rare that it lasts. In addition, it often creates rifts between teens and their parents, teachers or other adults. A better way to help a teenager who is struggling with drug addiction may be to approach the situation with understanding.

Learning and looking closely at why teens do drugs and why they think drugs are cool in the first place may be a good place to start. Teens see their favorite celebrities doing drugs and drinking to excess. Magazines and entertainment shows are full of celebrity icons who are seen doing drugs. In addition, television shows and movies joke about drugs as if they are not serious or life-threatening. Seeing all of this contributes to teens thinking it is cool to do drugs. Many teens parents, siblings or other relatives do drugs. Today far too many children grow up in households where drugs are being used, and they simply become accustomed to that lifestyle. Peers which kids look up to are doing drugs at school. Peer pressure has a stronger hold on teens than you might think. When popular kids in school are doing drugs, it becomes an enticing practice because they think of these teens as being cool. Therefore, it must be cool to do drugs. бTheyБre looking for an escape or they want to relax. бBoredom could be a factor. бThey feel the need to rebel. бThey want to experiment.

If you have a child or student who is using and abusing drugs, you need to take action as an adult. The best way to get them help is to go straight to an inpatient rehab facility. Inpatient rehab facilities have many benefits. Unlike outpatient rehab centers, inpatient rehab centers keep their patients day and night. Addicts are taken away from temptations that may have caused them to relapse in the past, and they re able to speak with therapists and counselors for comprehensive cognitive behavioral therapy. All of this can stop addiction and give teens back their lives.
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