why do my tears sting my eyes

Earlier this month I lost somebody, and I cried a lot, and I had burns around my eyes and down my cheeks and chin. I had gone from using natural products to like mass made chemical products and I thought that was it. It went away after I went back to natural stuff. A week ago I had something happen again, and Iвve been crying nonstop, and the burns are back!

Itвs so painful and everything I put on my face burns, like to the point where I canвt drink water because it flares up the burns on my lips! My skin is peeling and raw. I donвt know how to fix it :/ Iвm pretty sure itвs my tears because both scenarios of intense emotional crying gave me this, and nothing else has changed.

Does anybody have any advice on how to heal it quicker? р
Boy that sounds painful! P The most likely culprit for you pain is dry eye syndrome (DES).

P Typical sypmtoms associated with DES are burning, dryness, feeling like there is something constantly in your eye, and watery eyes. P DES is often exacerbated by smoke, wind, heat, low humidity, computer use, or when crying. P There are several treatment options for DES, from over the counter medication to prescription medication.

P You should go see your optometrist as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis and begin treatment. P If left untreated, DES usually gets much worse and the pain can become constant.

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