why does my uverse internet keep dropping

My internet connection keeps dropping sporadically throughout the day. It can be out from anywhere from a few seconds to a few hours, but since I play a lot of games which require a constant internet connection, either one is highly disruptive. It happens most consistently after 3pm, and seems to only get worse as the night goes on. This has been happening for the past 2-3 weeks. When it occurs, the "broadband" light on my modem turns red. Any attempt to access websites results in a page that either says the connection timed out, the connection was reset while loading, or a broadband specific page that says that the modem was unable to find or connect with the DSL broadband signal. I attempted to use the UV Realtime Tool but it immediately crashes whenever I load it up.

I've called the provided customer support line 7 times, with most times resulting in a technician or RG reboot. I've had technicians out here four times. One replaced the jack in the wall, one gave me a new modem, one told me that the problem was outside, and then the person he called to look at the outside told me that there was no problem at all and that I was overusing my "bandwidth" which was crashing my modem. Considering this problem started in the last few weeks, after I've been given several complimentary speed and bandwidth upgrades, this seems unlikely.
We had Uverse installed a little over a month ago. A few hours after the install guy left the problem started. All of the services would just drop, then come back a few minutes later.

When I investigated the modem logs (its a 2Wire), I could see it dropping out every couple of hours and then coming back (I can post the exact log messages when I get home of needed). This issue has been going on intermittently now for weeks. When I say intermittently I mean that it may happen several times in one day, then not happen again for a couple of days, then several times again one day - rebooting the modem does not help). I have a placed a couple of service calls since then and they have sent an "inside" guy out to look and and "outside" guy out to look (their terminology). Initially they said there was no issue, then there was a line issue, then no issue - but my modem is still losing its connection randomly.

When it drops the phone, Internet, and TV go out. The service/broadband lights on the modem will go out when it happens and occasionally turn red. I am about to open another chat support ticket with them. I was just wondering if anyone here could give me some advice as to what may be causing this? This is very frustrating. When the service is working it is top notch - but the inconsistency is maddening! INF 2012-09-06T12:58:42-05:00 sys dsl0: connection lost, reconnecting. INF 2012-09-06T13:05:57-05:00 sys dnstest0: connection lost, reconnecting. INF 2012-09-06T13:05:57-05:00 sys ipnet0: Up on bridge1 with 99. 71. 183. 96/2299. 71. 180. 1 INF 2012-09-06T13:05:57-05:00 sys DNS up DNS1:68. 94. 156. 1, DNS2:68. 94. 157. 1

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