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why do they say k for thousand

Ever wondered what logical progression that lead to writing 1,000 as 1K? The story begins with Бchilioi,Б which is the Greek word for thousand. However, the Greeks took this word in a more loose sense and rather meant
БPlural of uncertain affinity; a thousand:Бthousand. Б The word chilioi is thus a close translation of 1000 and stands for an unknown length of time and an all-encompassing completeness rather than a literal thousand.

Some people attribute this to a verse in Bible, Revelation 20:2-6б БAnd he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a THOUSAND years. Б But the reality is that the Bible has been translated several times, and its original language is actually lost. The translated modernб Englishб version referencing a thousand years does not refer to 1000 years inб English.

It actually references to an uncertain amount of time. What is the prefix that means 1/1000 of a unit? According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, in the metric system the prefix "milli" is used to designate one-thousandth of a unit. A common example would be. What is the metric prefix for 10^6? In the SI measurement system, the metric prefix for 10^6 is "mega-. " This prefix stands for one million, which is expressed as the power 10^6.

The symbol f. How long is a 5K? The "K" stands for kilometers, making a 5K equal to 5 kilometers or 3. 1 miles. A kilometer is equal to 0. 62 mile. These races are considered entry-level di. How many megabytes equal a gigabyte? There are supposed to be 1024 megabytes in a gigabyte, but manufacturers of computers and storage space round down to 1000 megabytes per gigabyte, since th.

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why do they say k for thousand
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