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why do rice krispies snap crackle and pop

One of the great, simple joys of childhood is pouring a bowl of KelloggБs Rice Krispies, dousing it with milk, and listening to the famous snap, crackle, and pop. Buy why, exactly, does the cereal make a noise when it gets wet? According to Scientific American, it all comes down to the cooking process. Each grain of rice expands as it bakes in an oven, creating tiny air pockets inside (you can see the pockets and tunnels if you examine a Rice Krispie up close, but donБt let your co-workers see you doing it;

Once milk is added, the rice begins to absorb it, causing the walls of those pockets and tunnels to break, creating the signature sound. HereБs another fun fact: not every language pronounces that iconic sound as БSnap, Crackle and Pop. Б In German itБs БKnisper, Knasper, Knusper,Б in Spanish itБs Pim, Pum, Pam,Б in Swedish itБs БPiff, Paff, Puff,Б and in Finnish itБs БRiks, Raks, PoksБ!

I love little facts about common things and so I found Rice Krispies, also known as Rice Bubbles in some countries, are created by preparing rice in such a way that it will pop like popcorn during the cooking process, albeit much less dramatically.

This popping puffs up the kernels. When the rice is finished cooking, most of the Rice Krispies will have thin, solid walls with hollow, sealed areas inside where air pockets have formed. When cold milk is added, the sudden temperature shift causes the walls of these air pocket regions of the Rice Krispies to fracture suddenly, making a snap/crackle/pop type noise!

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