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why do some men like older women

Learn why the cougar is hunted by so many men. The will remember it as some of the best sex of his life. The benefits will continue when the young man is ready for a relationship with a girl of his age. One result to
is that the attraction may end up becoming his "type. " Once you're with a cougar, you'll be hard pressed to find a better tutor. Here are ten reasons younger men say that to their younger lovers. 1. It's a numbers game. The with multiple partners. Before marriage, they may have had a few partners. After divorce, the notches on their bedposts may have gone up exponentially. 2. They have had lots of practice. Cougars have been in long term and marriages, which have provided years of sexual experience with one partner. Those memories are implanted into the older woman's brain and, whether good or bad, have shaped her sexual expertise. 3. They know what they want. Their self-awareness comes from years of experience and communicating with sexual partners. They've tried different positions, techniques, and fetishes. They've self-pleasured themselves for many years, and. If the girl doesn't know what she wants, it's hard for the man to figure it out. and which buttons the guy needs to press. 4.

They have learned what men want. And they are eager to find out the specific desires of their current boyfriend. They've been taught by a variety of partners which positions and techniques turn men on. They ask questions and figure out what makes their man roar like the king of a lion's den. What they don't know, they will research in books, movies or on the Internet. 5. They enjoy sex as much as her younger male partner. They don't have any delusions that they are going to hook this man into marriage and/or start a family. This takes the pressure off a man who just wants to have fun without obligations. This stress relief is a major reason sex is great with an older woman who isn't as needy or demanding. 6. They realize the importance of sex in a relationship. She may have been in a. She won't use sex as a bargaining chip or try to get something materialistic from the younger man. Cougars know the psychological and physical benefits to regular sex. 7. It's flattering to the younger man that a hot older woman finds him desirable. It's a challenge to be with an attractive, older lady who is physically fit and keeps herself well groomed.

She has the time to take care of herself since her children are older and less dependent. 8. They enjoy teaching their eager younger students. They know when to be dominant and submissive. The, which is very stimulating. The older woman will buy books, lingerie, candles and wine to set the mood. 9. They have confidence in their bodies and sexual prowess. This is a huge turn-on for men who may have been with young girls who are just learning the ropes. The and uncomfortable talking dirty in bed. Older women are spontaneous and comfortable being. 10. They aren't afraid of communicating. The younger man will know exactly where he stands with her. She won't play mind games with her younger man by not answering her phone. She will approach a man in a bar and not wait for him to make the first move. She will openly share her sexual needs and desires. She isn't worried about losing the man if she expresses herself. 7) The feeling of dictating matters of finance in the relationship Cougars are typically shown in popular culture as women who have more money than their younger male partners.

This is because the woman presumably has worked for many years and is in a very healthy financial situation. She can buy her younger lover gifts, take him out on dates and even take him shopping. This thrill of taking the lead in money matters may be quite an exciting and nurturing feeling for the older woman. 8) Younger guys are less serious and more fun Single men in their thirties and forties can be burdened by many responsibilities. Mortgage payments, alimony payments, pressure at work, credit card debts and children from previous relationship are just some of the things that take the fun out of an older single man's approach to life. In comparison, men in their twenties have fewer things to worry about. This makes them more fun-loving and spontaneous. Younger men will be willing to go out for that midnight pizza without worrying about an early morning the next day or they will happily party on a weekday without fussing about a hangover on the next. A younger man will also be relatively less occupied, making him readily available for impromptu dates. All these things make a relationship with a younger man a lot less serious and a lot more fun.

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