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why do people sweat more than others

Raise your hand if youвre always the sole person who leaves a workout class completely drenched in sweat. Or maybe itвs vice-versa; everyone else is sweating bullets while you walk away with a little forehead shimmer. No matter the case, itвs not just your imagination. Thereвs a scientific explanation behind why some people sweat more than others (and
). Your body has, and their purpose is to maintain a normal body temperatureвand cool you down when itвs above averageвby producing sweat. That said, a number of factors could determine how much you perspire, including your gender, the number of sweat glands you have, the intensity of your exercise, and even your weight, according to Medical Daily. First of all, while women have just as many sweat glands than men, their glands do not produce as much sweat. Thatвs why men tend to sweat more than women. Thereвs a, too. Your fitness regime could also be the culprit behind your proclivity to sweat.

Fit people tend to bust a sweat sooner when they exercise because it s more efficient to perspire while their body temperature remains low. Someone who remains fairly sedentary, on the other hand, may heat up faster and lose more sweat when they exercise. Since fat tends to trap heat and raise the body s core temperature, overweight people typically sweat more, too. Want to stop those perspiration problems for good? Try cutting back on your consumption of caffeine and alcohol, as well as smoking; these habits can all cause your sweat glands to go overboard. And ditch synthetic materials (which tend to trap heat close to your body) for lighter, more airy fabrics that allow your skin to breathe. Consulting a doctor might help those who suffer from excess sweating. If you have overactive glands, hereвs. [Source:,В ] More:, You're trucking along on the treadmill and as you reach for a towel to wipe off the perspiration on your forehead, you can't help but notice the guy to the right who's sweating so much.

It looks like he jumped in a river. Why is it that some people sweat like crazy and some are barely glistening? Sweating is the body's way of cooling itself off and maintaining a healthy temperature. You're born with. Women have more sweat glands than men, but men's glands are more active. How much you sweat depends on your gender, the number of sweat glands you have (more glands equal more sweat), how hot it is, how intensely you're exercising, or how anxious you feel. The amount a person sweats also depends on how many sweat glands are activated and how much sweat is excreted from each gland. It turns out that. The same amount of sweat glands might be activated, but women produce less sweat from each gland. Fit people sweat more efficiently by sweating sooner during workouts, when their body temperature is lower. However, a sedentary person working at the same intensity will heat up a lot faster and possibly sweat more.

Also, overweight people sweat more profusely than normal-weight individuals because fat acts as an insulator that raises core temperature. Some things are in your control when it comes to sweating. If you're a coffee drinker, so if you're concerned, try cutting out that cup of joe. Drinking alcohol can have the same effect, so limit the cocktails. Smokers may also sweat more since nicotine can affect your hormones, skin, and brain. Wearing synthetic fabrics that trap in heat will make you feel more hot, making you more sweaty, so go for more breathable fabrics. Unfortunately, some people suffer from excessive sweating, a common condition called hyperhidrosis. Their bodies' faucets turn on and their palms, feet, back, and face become covered in sweat, even if it's cold out or they're not moving. If this sounds familiar, consult your doctor to see what treatment options are available.

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why do some sweat more than others
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why do some people sweat more than others
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why do some people sweat more than others when exercising
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