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why does my cat make a chirping noise

Children s books teach us that cats make one sound and one sound only: a polite meow. This isnБt true. As anyone who s ever owned a cat knows, our talkative kitties are capable of communicating in a fantastic array of sounds that transform and mutate far beyond basic. бWatch and listen to videos of nine of the more bizarre cat sounds out there Б plus some revelations about what those noises really mean. б You all know this cat sound: Your cat posts up at the window, spies some birds frolicking outside and decides the best way to terrorize them is by broadcasting a sound that mixes mimicking the avian enemy Б
Б with a repetitious clicking noise. Apparently, no battle cat in history has yet to realize that the birds always seem completely unfazed by this form of attack. I like to think of the whoб enthusiastically says, БYes! Б I ve deduced this from my own feline, Mimosa, who lets out a series of trills every time I approach the spot on the kitchen counter where her bag of treats and toys areб kept. Unfortunately for Mims, the bag is next to the spice drawer, so her treat dreams are raised and then cruelly dashed every time I cook. According to internet lore, there exist a few rare cases of. Science claims the noise is possibly due to the similarities between feline and canine larynxes, tracheas and other such biological things. But the real reason cats make the noise hasб more to do with the ego: If your cat is barking, he sб obviously casting shade on the primitive language of a dog.

Ignore all that inter-species posturing above: When kittens bleat like baby goats it s quite wonderful. Also, zoology and biology be damned! If you gleefully refer to yourself as your catБs mom or dad, the next step is teaching your cherubic little one to say your name Б just like this talking tabby, Peanut. I first came across the midnight whine while in an unfortunate roommate situation. The cohabiting human had two cats of the medically obese variety. Her solution was to use one of those automatic, timed feeding stations. Unfortunately, the contraption was broken Б as in no food was ever dispensed at night. Cue two previously quiet and polite felines howling and whining about their hunger pangs all through the witching hour. It was truly the stuff of literal night terrors. Danger! When your cat expels a from the deepest depths of her stomach, you know something is seriously amiss with the world around her. Usually, that something is either your very presence or something you ve forgotten to do, like, you know, not having offered up any treats for over two hours now. Never take your chances with cat sounds like these. You know those cartoons where a character runs frantically on the spot for a few seconds to bowling ball sound effects before bombing off in a new direction? Yep, cats can do that, too. It usually happens during a play session or, say, when you mischievously flick a drop of water at her.

The sound of a catБs frantically scurrying claws on hardwood floors never fails to raise a smile. It s exhausting work being a cat, what with having to fit in 16 hours of each and every day. Naturally, sometimes your blissful dreams about bathing in an oasis of wet food gravy become so vivid that you re moved to get vocal. The noise comes across as a slightly muted whine mixed with a few of those patented cat chirps. Thumbnail:б Photography by pshenina_m/Thinkstock. Read more about cat sounds on Catster. com: Listen to the audio version of this article YouБre probably very familiar with the sight of your cat sitting at the window and watching the birds. Your catБs tail may begin lashing from side to side and he may even crouch down at the window, almost as if heБs going to spring through the glass and pounce on the unsuspecting bluejay. ItБs then that you hear that sound Б the little chattering noise that comes from your cat. It looks and sounds as though your cat is talking to himself, but what is he really doing? Is he talking to the bird? Why do cats chatter when they spot prey? There are a few theories behind the chattering and chirping sound that comes from your kitty. Some experts believe it may be connected to the frustration he feels from not being able to get to the prey. ItБs also believed the chattering is merely a reflex motion in anticipation of performing the killing bite to the preyБs neck.

Another theory is that itБs purely how the cat controls his over-the-top excitement at spotting the bird. So I guess you can take your pick when it comes to the reason your kitty engages in the. There are someб mysteries cats insist on keeping to themselves and chattering is one of them. Does Your Cat Chatter? If your cat sits at the window and chatters while watching the birds, you can take advantage of his excitement by engaging him in an session. That way, heБll actually get to БcaptureБ his prey. Additionally, if the reason behind the chattering is based on frustration, if you conduct a play session it will change the situation from frustrating to fulfilling. Need More Information? For more specific information on cat training, cat communication or cat behavior problems, refer to any of the books by best-selling authorб , including the latest release,. Pam s books are available at bookstores everywhere, through your favorite online book retail site and also here on our website. We re sorry but Pam is unable to respond to comments. If you have questions about your cat s behavior you can find many answers in the books by Pam Johnson-Bennett as well as in the articles on our website. If your cat is displaying a change in behavior, contact your veterinarian because there may be an underlying medical cause. This article is not intended to be a replacement for your cat s veterinary care.

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