why do my sneezes smell so bad

If your smelly sneeze is one that is caused by bad breath, then it is obvious that preventing bad breath can help you avoid the embarrassing problem of frequently experience a sneeze that stinks up the room. There are so many things that you can do to take care of your breath and make it smell fresh all the time. The most common ways to prevent bad breath include the following:
Brushing and flossing very often : It is advisable to brush your teeth at least two times every day, and floss at least once every day. When you do this, you massively reduce your chances of suffering from bad breath. In brushing your teeth, make sure to use toothpaste that contains fluoride. Clean your tongue : It is important to clean your tongue very well whenever you are brushing your teeth. You can easily use a good tongue scraper or even your brush to scrape your tongue and keep it clean. When you frequently scrape your tongue, you remove the smelly bacteria, food debris, and dead cells that form a coat on your tongue and cause bad breath.

Rinse your mouth with a good mouthwash : Mouthwashes are very good in preventing bad breath since they not only keep your mouth fresh but they also get rid of odor causing bacteria from the mouth. There are so many great mouthwashes or oral rinses that can effectively do the job of keeping your mouth clean and free from bad odor. One of the best oral rinses out there is the oral rins from TheraBreath. I use it a lot and love how it quickly and effectively it works in eliminating and preventing bad breath. Do not smoke : Smoking not only causes bad breath but it also is very bad for your health. It will easily give you cancer. All in all, my advice to you is to practice a good oral hygiene and endeavor to visit your dentistвs office regularly. Doing this will save you from developing bad breath and gum disease.

A sneeze is actually a reflex of the body that serves to expel unwanted foreign objects or irritants from the respiratory passage. In normal conditions, our sneezes do not have an offending smell to them, or even any smell whatsoever. If however it is noticed that the sneezes are accompanied by a foul odor then there has to be an underlying cause for it. This predicament is far from life-threatening, however since it is not possible to predict or control where and when a sneezing bout might hit you, this has the potential to cause social embarrassment. Possible causes for badly smelling sneezes include these. Sinusitis This is by far and away the most likely cause for a sneeze that smells bad. Our sinuses are lined by a mucus producing epithelium. This function is protective in nature and helps the body keeps its surfaces lubricated, while at the same time able to physically entrap micro organisms and other foreign irritants.

Most people will never even notice this function of their body under normal circumstances. However, under situations of chronic infection or poor mucus clearing due to various causes, this mucus production can go into over drive and start clogging up the sinuses. One of the side effects of the growth of these organisms is the accumulation of toxins and release of hydrogen sulfide like products which are unpleasant to smell. Our sinuses are in anatomic communication with the ears, nose and throat and so this same micro organism's population also spreads and begins to thrive. It is these by products and toxins that are expelled during a sneeze which makes it foul smelling. Halitosis Another cause of a bad smelling sneeze might have nothing to do with the sneeze itself. It might be halitosis (bad breath) that is responsible for the odor. There are a number of causes for bad breath ranging from poor oral hygiene to underlying systemic causes or a combination of local and systemic factors.

If this is the cause then the patient would be experiencing bad breath all throughout the day as well and not only just while sneezing. An oral examination as well as scaling procedure is recommended followed by the use of anti-bacterial mouthwashes and regular tongue cleaning to reduce the bacterial load. Periodontitis Gum disease causes the formation of a number of difficult to reach niches in the oral cavity which act as a reservoir for gram negative bacteria. A lot of the organisms are involved in the production of odor causing by products and thus contribute to halitosis. The treatment requires a visit to the ENT and the dentist to help diagnose the exact cause. Expect to be put on a course of antibiotics, anti allergic medication and long term nasal decongestants.

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