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why do pap smears come back abnormal

What is an abnormal Pap test? When your doctor says that your, or, was abnormal, it means that the test found some cells on your
that do not look normal. A Pap test may be done as part of a woman's routine, because it's the best way to prevent. But having an abnormal test result doesn't mean you have. In fact, the chances that you have are very small. What causes an abnormal Pap test? Most of the time, the abnormal cell changes are caused by certain types of, or HPV. HPV is a. Usually these cell changes go away on their own.

But certain have been linked to. That's why regular Pap tests are so important. Sometimes the changed cells are due to other types of infection, such as those caused by bacteria or yeast. These infections can be treated. In women who have been through, a Pap test may find cell changes that are just the result of getting older. What increases your risk for an abnormal Pap test? Certain sexual behaviors, like having without and having more than one partner (or having a sex partner who has other partners), can increase your risk for getting HPV. And HPV raises your risk for having an.

HPV can stay in your body for many years without your knowing it. So even if you now have just one partner and practice safer sex, you could still have an abnormal Pap test if you were exposed to HPV in the past. or having an also raises your chances of having cell changes in your. Do abnormal cell changes cause symptoms? The cell changes themselves don't cause symptoms. HPV, which causes most abnormal Pap tests, usually doesn't cause symptoms either.

If a different sexually transmitted infection is the cause of your abnormal test, you may have symptoms such as: A discharge from the that isn't normal for you, such as a change in the amount, color, odor, or texture. Pain, burning, or in your pelvic or genital area when you urinate or have sex. Sores, lumps, or on or around your genitals. Hello, I got a letter this morning and a little information booklet from the hospital I will be going to for my colposcopy.

My appointment is on the 10th June. I feel a little bit better than yesterday after reading the booklet try sent out. My husband reassured me all day yesterday but you know when youre so upset and scared that no amount of advice and calming will help you? That's how I felt ha, My mother in law even tried her best to reassure me lastnight after I rang her as well. It did shock me however to learn that many women with abnormal smear results don't go to hospital for colposcopy even after being referred!

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