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why do panic attacks happen for no reason

A life of a Pacific Islander, Money and family obligation seems to be the culprit that triggers anxiety. Children in this part of the world are investments to our parents and families regardless of how you were raised. You are expected to give back and don't questions your obligations either it is a family or extended family related. Most of these obligations involves money and your time to attend. Please don't get me wrong I love my family and my communities but sometimes their expectations is too much to bear. My anxiety shows in a form of not sleeping due to so many things in my mind or been rude in my words so I could protect myself from being hurt or lashing back in a language that hurts the other person.

The pay back is a bitch but at that exact moment there is a relief that they got your message and u could embrassed it for a moment. I wonder if I am the only person in this world with these issues. Vinaka
Your is pounding. You canБt catch your breath. You feel consumed by fear and may even think youБre dying -- even though youБre really in no danger. This is what it feels like to have a. These episodes of extreme fear often happen without warning.

You may have one or more panic attacks during your life, or you may never have one. So what happens inside your body and during a panic attack? Pounding Chills or Tingling or numb hands, arms, or legs Many people mistake a panic attack for a medical emergency, like a. The symptoms can seem similar, but panic attacks arenБt life-threatening. They usually pass in several minutes, but they can sometimes linger for hours. Afterward, you might feel drained and exhausted. Your bodyБs Бfight or flightБ response is behind these intense physical symptoms.

Normally when you encounter a threat -- whether itБs a grizzly bear or a swerving car -- your nervous system springs into action. The adrenaline floods into your bloodstream, putting your body on high alert. Your heartbeat quickens, which sends more to your muscles. Your becomes fast and shallow, so you can take in more oxygen. Your. Your senses get sharper. All of these changes -- which happen in an instant -- give you the energy you need to confront a dangerous situation or get out of harmБs way quickly. With random panic attacks, your body goes on alert for no reason.

Researchers donБt know exactly what triggers them. But the physical effects are real: During a attack, the adrenaline levels in the body can spike by 2 1/2 times or more. Panic attacks may not come as unexpectedly as they seem. The physical changes may start about an hour before an attack. In one study, people with wore devices that tracked their heart activity, and breathing. The results showed lower-than-normal levels of carbon dioxide, a sign of rapid, deep breathing that can leave you breathless, as early as about 45 minutes before the panic attack.

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