why do my shoulders hurt when i drink

Pain following alcohol consumption: classically, involved nodes are painful after alcohol consumption, though this phenomenon is very uncommon,[11] occurring in only two to three percent of people with Hodgkin's lymphoma,[12] thus having a low sensitivity. On the other hand, its specificity is high enough for it to be regarded as a pathognomonic sign of Hodgkin's lymphoma. [12] The pain typically has an onset within minutes after ingesting alcohol, and is usually felt as coming from the vicinity where there is an involved lymph node. [12] The pain has been described as either sharp and stabbing or dull and aching. [12]
I m kind of glad to have come across this thread - sorry for everyone dealing with Hodgkin s Disease though!

I started drinking beer when I was 16 (I m from Germany and it s legal except for drinking spirits - those only after 18) and I cannot remember that I had these symptoms very early on. (Or maybe I thought this was normal) I m 32 now and have been dealing with drinking associated pains for many years. My alcohol consumption had drastically decreased over the years - I was very embarrassed after one binge-drinking incident when I was 20 yrs old, and after that partially also because of the increase in pain. I must have been dealing with this for at least 7 years. (A decrease of tolerance due to the lack of alcohol? ) As soon as I have a couple of sips of alcohol I get these really intense flu-like pains in my upper body.

Particularly on both sides of my neck, down my collarbones and my arms. The pain varies in severity but it can be pretty bad - however, it only lasts for approximately 5-20 minutes. Like others have mentioned before, I can continue drinking without major problems but it definitely throws me off. It s been a lot of trial and error for me trying to make sense of all of this. (I also assume that diet might play a role in my overall reaction but I am always fine on gluten). Beer has been increasingly difficult - dark spirits in general and anything fermented I d like to think. (tannins/sulfates? ) I completely steer away from beer and wines. (I also get migraines, so this in addition to the pain limits me in terms of what types of alcohol I can tolerate already. ) I find it interesting that some of you mentioned sugary drinks and/or mixers.

I ve been under the impression that there might be a correlation as well! My go-to alcohol is Vodka at this point. I drink so little that I m not really sure whether I am just making stuff up in regards to how I can tolerate it - maybe there s a difference between potato, wheat and rye - but it s hit or miss sometimes and I really think it has something to do with the stuff they mix the Vodka with (fruity things might be tricky?! ).

I really hope that I am not dealing with anything serious - especially since I ve had this for many years. I had so many unrelated tests in the meantime (brain MRI, comprehensive blood tests, entire CT scan of abdomen and also an ultrasound of the entire abdomen), that I m hoping I m overall fine. It s sometimes annoying from a social perspective as I cannot just drink whatever and be merry - but then there are times when I m doing fine on Vodka. At least something. Looking forward to more posts on this thread.

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