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why do my shoes squeak when i walk

I have a pair of pretty nice shoes that I love, except when I'm going to work! We have hard linoleum-style flooring in most places, and carpet only in the office area where I work. When I have to go to another area, my shoes squeak
very loudly. I have tried for this problem, but to no avail. The squeak is coming from the shoe to the ground; I tested this by taking my insoles out and walking, and the squeak was still there.

My shoes are thoroughly dry, and there are no rocks or things stuck between the few lines it has on the bottom. The warranty period has passed, and I only started recently wearing them more than once a month. What can I do to stop the squeaking, and annoying co-workers?

How To Stop Your Shoes From Squeaking. The material of shoes can sometimes rub together when we walk, causing a head-turning squeak as though we were striding through a roomful of doggie chew toys. Well, squeaky shoes are one way to make an entrance. But if you prefer to enter a room in a more sophisticated silence, try these simple methods for stopping the squeak: в Give the exterior of the shoes a coat of any shoe conditioner (being mindful to choose a conditioner that is suited to the material).

Gently rub the product on the shoes, paying attention to any natural creases in the material. в Lift the inner soles of the shoes and sprinkle baby powder underneath. You can also sprinkle some around the shoelaces or anywhere else you think the material might be rubbing.

Let the powder set overnight before cleaning off any excess. If the squeaking persists and you believe there might be a manufacturing fault with the shoes, take them back to the place of purchase and consult a staff member. Images byВ www. freepik. com

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