why does my cat always want to eat

Have you ever thought My cat is always hungry? You re not alone. As a cat guardian, you know that if your cat goes off his food for more than a day or so, a trip to the vet is probably in order. But did you know that constant eating can be a sign of health problems, both physical and psychological? Here are some reasons why your cat is always hungry. 1. Your cat has worms
can cause your cat to become very hungry, because the worms are taking all the nutrition from his food before he can get it. Ironically, a roundworm-infested cat may look fat, as the parasites cause his body to swell. Roundworms are contagious to humans, so if you suspect your cat has them, bring a fecal sample to your vet to have it tested. 2. Your cat has hyperthyroidism or diabetes These diseases both cause a vast increase in appetite: does so because your cat s metabolism is burning too many calories, and because your cat s body can t convert sugar to energy and the nutrition doesn t even get into his body in the first place. If your cat is always hungry, eating constantly and still losing weight, and especially if he s also drinking a lot of water, get him to the vet as soon as possible. 3.

Your cat is bored or lonely Just like humans, some cats will eat because they re bored. The solution to this problem is to provide your cat with more stimulation and to stop leaving kibble out for him to munch on all day. If you want to have a supply of food available, provide it in puzzle toys, which will cause your cat to have to work for his meal. This will help him burn calories and keep his mind engaged. Be sure to provide other intellectually-stimulating toys (or maybe even a kitty friend) to keep his mind off his dish. You can also buy automatic feeders, which provide access to a set amount of food at set times of day. 4. Your cat is depressed Overeating can be a self-soothing behavior for or. I ve seen this happen: I once met a couple who had a cat they d exiled to the basement after their baby was born. In response, the cat started eating to self-soothe, and the result was incredibly sad. If your cat is depressed, try drawing him out of his shell with gentle interactive play. close your eyes slowly, leave them closed for a second, and then open them slowly, while thinking I love you. 5. Your cat s food isn t meeting his nutritional needs You know how when you eat fast food, you re usually hungry an hour later no matter how much you ate?

Poor-quality cat food can have the same effect on your cat. And like a person who eats a lot of fast food or who can only afford starchy foods, your cat will eat and eat because he can t satisfy the true hunger (for nutrients) at the root of his desire to eat. Try feeding canned food; it s typically more nutrient-dense, tastes better, and the cost ends up being about the same as kibble when you feed your cat the proper amount. Remember that cats stomachs are extremely small: a couple of tablespoons of canned or raw food or (not and ) a third of a cup of kibble per feeding is about all a cat needs to stay fit and healthy. Of course, if your cat is a 20-pound, he ll need a lot more food than a petite, so be sure to work with your vet to figure out the most appropriate amount to feed your feline friend. Tell us: Is your cat always hungry? How did you solve the issue? Thumbnail:В Photography ВUkususha Thinkstock. AreВ YOU always hungry, even after you eat? Here are a few reasons why Read moreВ about feeding cats on Catster. com:В I have 7 cats.

My oldest who is about 12 right now has always begged for food. I believe it is more of him wanting to eat with us as a family. So I give him a plate on the floor by the table every night he hasn't jumped on the table in years. All my other cats do not beg for the most part. Though my youngest who lost his mother and his brother died in the cage wit her is beginning to pick up the same habit. I believe he does it more as mommy pet me then I want to eat. He gets in my lap and rolls around looking cute almost every night. We allow only the young one to be in our lap at dinner cuz of his traumatic past. Your cat might grow out of it!! But don't hold your breath. Cats all seem to have their own personality. Hoodlum is one of our new additions and he steals meat in the package if we leave it out to defrost but doesn't bother us while we are eating unless it is milk. My friend poured a cup of milk the other day and walked away before I can warn him about Hoodlum the milk was spilled everywhere!! All's I can do is laugh because hoodlum really looks like a junkie when it comes to milk!! Also my oldest goes crazy for ham!! the rest have no intrest in food

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