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why is vision the most important sense

Hellen Keller once said, БThe only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Б We have five key senses that help our body regulate, the sense of smell, taste, hearing, touch, and sight. The most important sense is the sense of sight. Without sight, we are people roaming this world without a vision. Without vision, we have no goals, nor do we have any desires, and we would not be able to bring positivity into this world. Many people tend to forget the importance of the sense of sight. The sense of sight is very useful to our life. We can see GodБs beautiful creations, we can interpret emotions, feelings, and gestures. We can gain wonderful memories and happy experiences through our sense of sight. We can remove ourselves from danger with the sense of sight. Without sight, we would only see darkness, we would not know how to dream, and without dreams there would be nothing to reach for. No goals, aspirations, or desires, most importantly no visions. Sight is such a beautiful, God gifted sense. With sight, we can dream, and make this world a better place with our visions. We can see the positive changes others have created, and are creating in this world, with the sense of sight. Without sight, our world would be a dull place, filled with darkness. We would not function properly without our sense of sight. We would not have many cures our medical field have found, we would not have any use for technology, we would not have cars, and we would not have a proper education system without our sense of sight.

People take the sense of sight for granted, not many people understand how grateful we are for having the sense of sight. It is not until you meet someone blind and hear their story until one understands how important vision is. Moreover, there are many people who have sight, but no vision, these people create negativity. Then, there are those who have many visions, many desires, to the point where they
do not know how to fulfill these dreams. It is as Theodore Roosevelt once said, Бkeep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. Б What this quote means is that, it is okay to have many visions and goals in mind. It is just as important to fulfill those goals. However, we must not let ourselves because self-absorbed with these desires to the point where we end up becoming a person with sight, but no vision. We must keep our feet on the ground, and remain humble. We must have purity in our eyes, in order to help create positive changes into this world. All in all, sight is something amazing. Our eyes are a gift from God, and are meant to see all the positive creations of God. Without sight, we would live a dull life without visions, and without visions we would not reach for the stars. describe the deep connection one feels when looking into anotherБs eyes.

However, like windows, the eyes work both ways. They are not only important in seeing into another personБs soul, but they are also vital in how we view the world around us. Sight and vision are important because they allow us to connect with our surroundings, keep us safe, and help maintain the sharpness of our minds. Sight and vision are different entities. Sight is physical it is a sensory light. Signals are sent to the brain to be converted into images. Vision is how the mind, an aspect of the brain, interprets these images. Vision is a metaphysical concept. Sight may allow a person to witness an event, but vision helps the person understand the significance of that event and draw interpretations. The two are harmonious, and are very important in our everyday lives. Sight and vision help to connect people with their surroundings. Our world is filled with an extreme variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. Sight gives us the ability to perceive movement, and vision gives us the ability to make assessments about that movement. For example, you see a dog catch a Frisbee in the park, he brings the Frisbee back to his owner, and the owner gives the dog a pat on the head. Your vision tells you that this dog and this owner have a loving relationship, and that the dog enjoys playing in the park.

Sight and vision are important because they bring beauty and understanding of the world to us. They also keep us safe. The two concepts work together to provide awareness of the dangers around us. A person who can see a car coming knows to stay on the sidewalk so that he or she will not be hit and ultimately injured. In fact, sight is arguably the most important sense for safety and self-preservation. Protecting your eyes and your sight is highly important so that you may avoid harm. Finally, sight and vision keep our minds sharp and alert. It is important to maintain your eyesight, so that you may continue to connect with the world and make quick assessments of whatever situation comes your way. Frequent stimulation of the and intelligence. The quote Бkeep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the groundБ relates to vision. While one might say that they are literally standing and looking at the sky, there is truly more to Theodore RooseveltБs words. The message is to aim high set goals for yourself, have great ambitions, and high expectations for your life and your future. However, do not forget to remain grounded and humble. Be realistic about your life, while never letting go of your dream and your vision.

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