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why is vision important for an organization

A mission and vision are standard and critical elements of a company's organizational strategy. Most established companies develop organizational mission statements and vision statements, which serve as foundational guides in the establishment of company objectives. The company then develops strategic and tactical plans for objectives. A company's mission statement is essentially its statement of purpose. It serves as a guide for all of the company's decision-making. Shareholders, leaders and employees are generally the target of the mission. It should help workers within the organization know what decisions and tasks best align with the mission of the company. A mission statement offers insight into what company leaders view as the primary purpose for being in business. Some companies have profit-motivated missions, while others make customers a focal point. Other firms use a mission to point out more altruistic intentions that ultimately lead to profits. Strategic planning is the process of developing company objectives, strategies and tactics to achieve the mission of the organization. The company generates short and long-term objectives using the mission statement. Objectives may include market-share targets, revenue or profit goals, customer satisfaction scores and improved brand awareness. Next, it develops strategies to accomplish objectives. For instance, better training and monitoring of feedback scores are strategies to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Actionable steps or tactics are then developed. Hiring an outside training consultant for a series of service training sessions is a tactic tied to the customer satisfaction goal and the training strategy. Vision statements are sometimes confused or used synonymously with mission statements. However, vision statements should offer more of a direction and include a perspective of corporate values. A vision might provide a direction for the company for the next five to 10 years, while also noting a commitment to integrity, transparency, openness and other such values. In short, a vision statement takes your mission and adds an element of human values. It should inspire employees and given them a sense of purpose. On its website, pharmaceutical company Merck includes product, customer, employee and investor interests in its mission statement. It effectively conveys intentions to deliver desired results to each entity. Its vision statement goes into more details about the company's values and includes the phrase "make a difference in the lives of people. " This phrase ultimately means that the company makes helping the world with medicine a higher priority than profits in its organizational strategy. The company's vision also notes a desire to be the best health care company in the world.
There are various issues to consider in making an organizational strategic plan.

Strategic plans often mean a change in organizational structure or a move toward change. Change can be a difficult process and sometimes requires time. It is important to get employees on board with the decision making process. This can be articulated through the mission and vision statement of the organization. Articulating and repeating the positives of the move toward change in the organization will help employees stay engaged and motivated in the process. Change is an essential component of strategic planning. This involves moving the organization or program forward to create or change something. Some plans are created out of the need for the organization to move in a certain direction, and other plans develop organically. Mission and vision statements will be important to help communicate the goals of the plan to employees and the public. Leaders should emphasize the current mission statement to employees, which clarifies the purpose and primary, measurable objectives of the organization. A mission statement is meant for employees and leaders of the organization. Strategic plans may involve changing the mission statement to reflect a new direction of the organization. Highlighting the benefits of the change and minimizing the deficits will help employees and the public buy into the change.

Like mission statements, vision statements help to describe the organization's purpose. Vision statements also include the organization values. Vision statements give direction for employee behavior and helps provide inspiration. Strategic plans may require a marketing strategy, which could include the vision statement to also help inspire consumers to work with the organization. Strategic planning will likely have its successes and failures. Leaders should celebrate the little successes toward meeting objectives, which are part of the mission and vision statement. The mission statement will help measure whether the strategic plan aligns with the overall goals of the agency. The vision statement helps to provide inspiration to employees. Employees who feel invested in the organizational change are more likely to stay motivated and have higher levels of productivity. A successful change will involve communicating and repeating mission and vision statements, which helps prevent people from becoming discouraged in the event of small failures along the way. Leaders should continue to highlight the strengths of the strategic plans and involve important stakeholders in the process. Engaging employees and volunteers will help them to recognize and take ownership of the change. Involving employees also helps to provide more minds to prevent possible problems.

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