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why is vincent van gogh so famous

Van Gogh did not embark on his artistic career until well into his twenties, and he created all of his works during a ten-year period. The majority of his most renowned paintings were produced in the two years before he committed suicide. Van Gogh produced more than 2,000 artworks, including around 900 paintings and 1,100 drawings and sketches. After his first exhibits in the late 1880s, his popularity soared among colleagues, art critics, dealers and collectors alike. Moving to Paris in 1886 had profound effects on van Goghs artistic choices. He was greatly influenced by Impressionism and Post-impressionism and the bright new palette adopted by these movements was a stark contrast from van Gogh's usual dark depictions. He began experimenting more with color and technique and many feel that his new style changed not only his work, but also the history of art in general. Its no great secret that van Gogh was deeply troubled by mental illness throughout his life and the degree to which this impacted on his work has been the subject of much speculation.

Modern critics agree that van Gogh was an artist who was deeply disturbed by his condition and this is believed to have impacted somewhat on many of his great works. Furthermore, the fact that he was overwhelmed with failures and rejections in his early life that had lasting effects on him may have provided further inspiration for his most creative offerings. is van Goghs most famous painting and has become one of arts most replicated prints. Van Gogh produced this work while in a mental asylum in Saint-Remy just over a year before his death. He was suffering from severe attacks at this time and his behavior was unpredictable, so his illness had very much taken over his life. In a break from tradition, van Gogh painted Starry Night from memory and not reality as he often did which may explain the greater emotional impact of this piece in comparison to others from the same period.

It could be that the chaotic style of this and similar works reflects van Goghs fragile state of mind at this particular point in time. Critic Robert Hughes believes that late works such as this are the best examples of van Goghs talent, in control and
"longing for concision and grace. " In his final letter to his brother, Theo, van Gogh stated that because he did not have any children, he viewed his paintings as his offspring. Historian Simon Schama writes that he "did have a child of course, Expressionism, and many, many heirs. " Schama went on to name numerous artists who have personalized elements of van Gogh's style, including de Kooning, Hodgkin, and Pollock. TL;DR: Van Gogh is considered good because he tricks you into thinking you are seeing a painting of a flower, when in reality you are looking at abstract brush strokes. Let s take his painting.

The reason he is so considered to be so good is that the painting above generates inside of people the impression of seeing a field of Irises while not actually using all the forms and colors of an actual purple. To see where this started; painters at one point were basically cameras and someone like Martin Johnson Heade produced a painting called. Then people like Monet started to question this dogma with paintings like. When Van Gogh and other painters at his time came around they pushed these questions harder and with more rigor than those before. Following Van Gogh people like Picasso pushed this idea even further. In all of these images you get the idea and feeling of a flower and that is what an artist does. Its not their job to reproduce a flower as it is seen. Their job is to make you -feel- like you saw THE FLOWER. Edit: I know not all of the above are actually honest to God paintings. Some are of other mediums.

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