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why do they call the south dixie

Southern U. S. states, especially those that belonged to the (1860Б65). The name came from the title of a song composed in 1859 by Daniel Decatur Emmett; this tune was popular as a marching song of the Confederate Army, and was often considered the Confederate anthem. According to the most common explanation of the name, $10 notes issued before 1860 by the CitizensБ Bank of New Orleans and used largely by French-speaking residents were imprinted with dix (French: БtenБ) on the reverse side; hence the land of Dixies, or Dixie Land, which applied to and eventually the whole South.

The song БDixieБ was originally a Бhooray songБ or walk-around in Jerry BryantБs, for which Emmett, a native Ohioan of Virginian parents, performed and wrote music. It was played at the inauguration of Confederate Pres. on Feb. 18, 1861, in Montgomery, Ala. Minstrel composer Daniel Decatur Emmett wrote the song "Dixie" in the mid-1800s.

He wrote the song in New York City and was not, in fact, from the South. The song became popular in the North about the time the South prepared to secede. The song quickly became an informal anthem for the South. It is believed this was partly due to the fact that residents of the South were looking for something new and not related to the United States to represent them in song.

Not all southerners regarded the song warmly, with some believing it offered too much of a nod to African Americans to be worthy of the South. However, over time, the song became so ingrained in the culture that it became inseparable from the region's identity. There are no written records of the word Dixie being used before Emmett's song was published, which makes tracing the origins of the term in relation to the South particularly challenging.

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why do they call the south dixie
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