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why do my nails crack on the sides

Here you are, thinking you're doing the right thing by never skipping your base coat, and it turns out you're wrong. Despite its name, base coat shouldn't be your first stepвif you put polish directly on naked nails, the
(like solvents ethyl acetate or butyl acetate) can eventually eat away at the nail plate, making it weaker and more likely to break, Marmur says. The fix: It's the opposite of what happens in salons, but trust us, it works: Apply a little hand lotion to your nails before. "The lotion will fill in microscopic gaps in the nail, like a primer, and hydrate it so it's not as susceptible to damage from what you put on after," Marmur says.

Let it dry, wipe off any excess, and the polish will go on like normal. (We're fans of this 8-free, chip-proof nail polish that comes in four trendy metal shades; $18,. ) Welcome to /r/ Beauty! Self posts, pictures, and links are acceptable, but they should be your own content if possible or useful to the community.

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