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why do my muscles tighten up when i sleep

grrr! Just lost a long message to you! I have to stop sitting, so will post it tomorrow. With Niacin, is it prescription? If so and the aspirin alone doesn't work completely for the flushing/burning, try taking allergy medicine prior to taking it too. I would've had to stop once my dose reached the max if I hadn't learned that, and already take allergy meds so I just rearranged the timing. I take half a prevastatin/day. I was able to decrease my old one, but this was all within the time my back worsened and I had surgery, so it's tough to tell. The thing that worsened the most is my nerve pain, as the sciatic nerve was irritated from surgery and triggers the other nerves. Thanks for the getting better wishes. It's the classic "couldn't get to the store to get my bcps", so I took pieces of my old one that's a lot stronger for 3 days then had my brother get it for me, and have been stuck with everything flared up so bad that the only way to stop it is to go off the pill for a week because the hormones are so screwy.

I was waiting since I was supposed to meet with SSI, but he hasn't returned my call in the last week and this has been going on for 1 1/2 weeks. At this point, I can schedule anything a week out, there's no way I can drive or even sit with this much nerve pain and I need to just get through it. I need my doctor to say it's a 21 day dose instead of 28 day, since I don't take sugar pills and then only have the day I run out to pick it up, and can't always get there. If I can't get my brother to, then here we go again. This pill's definitely better than the last and at a lot lower dose, I just need more than 1 day's worth of time to pick it up, because this is insane. I also have a sinus infection and non-stop migraine, so at this point I'm basically taking turns with migraine and cramp medications with Percoset every other time (thank you big pharma for sticking Tylenol in EVERYTHING, geez! ) and am maxing on Methadone and Roboxin, w/o much pelvic pain relief.

Ambien's helped with the top of the hill pain level anxiety some, though I'm sleeping only in small increments. Until my current doctor, I always had oral fentanyl when the pain was this bad, and when I asked for something that worked better than persoset 5[325, she gave me 10-325. Argh! To see an actual pain doctor and get this straightened out would really help! I'm very sick and tired of debating the price of the hospital vs. suffering at home when this happens. OK, nuff of this! Needless to say, I'm not in the best state of mind and ready to take a chainsaw to some nerves, but that wouldn't do much overall. If I had a few needles of Lidocaine though, I'd inject some of these nerves myself!!! Feel free to copy the cholestrol stuff. This is where I lost the post last, so I hope you're doing better too and will talk to you soon. Big hugs to you! ~Kat
I am hypothyroid and have been for 20 years. The muscle flexing for me developed after plenty of work to get things in balance.

In it s worst scenario, I was clenched into a fetal position, flexing every part of my body. My fists would be clenched to the point that my nails were digging into my hands and would wake me up from pain. My neck would flex forward and the pain would last all day. It was suggested that I might see if I have fibro, but over time I discovered random things that would affect it and have since minimized it s occurrences enough to let my concern over it fade. Mostly for me, it happened after exploring gut, diet and inflammation management. As I explored those further I found ways to manage triggers and keep it under control. My thyroid meds were more of a sidenote. Managing stress in terms of where my cortisol and blood sugar could at time play a role. Food triggers and digestive inflammation played a role. The minute I eat any type of corn shell, I am guaranteed to experience those things while sleeping. Sometimes eating sugar in my diet can bring it on.

Other times, not so much. Vitamin c and advil before bed helped me at times as did sipping ACV in water before bed. Why? - no idea. I figure vitamin c advil had something to do with being anti-inflammatory. ACV in water on its own before bed helped and I figured that had something to do with the gut or in the way it had alkalizing affects, but who knows the real reason. Doctors have not been able to give me more insight on why those things worked. They ve not offered more info than to manage stress, watch my cortisol and the things that influence it, keep my thyroid balanced and stay on a diet that supports keeping inflammation minimal. Bruxism got less too, but not enough to get away w/o a mouthguard. I ve cracked teeth at times and I can t risk one of those off nights where what I do doesn t keep the intensity low. I ve done many many labs and lots of years of reading, but since it s miminal these days, I m happy with where I m at.

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