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why do my muscles ache in the morning

MORE: The researchers examined human and mice cells with the inflammatory disease. Patients with RA have long known that their symptoms can vary throughout the day, with many afflicted with greater joint stiffness upon waking. But little is known about how our circadian rhythms our inner clocks that tell us when to go to bed and when to get up control this swinging pendulum of pain. The UK researchers wanted to figure that out. (Heal your whole body with Rodale s. )
What they found was that when mice were exposed to constant light, their paws were more swollen and there were higher levels of some markers of inflammation in their blood.

In darkness, those inflammatory markers decreased. At nighttime, those inflammatory markers go down but gradually rise up again in the morning, says University of Manchester researcher and study author. She cautions that this particular study didn t examine pain, but if you were to assume that with greater inflammation comes more pain, you would expect more inflammation in the joints and increased pain levels in the morning, she says.

MORE: Very specific proteins in our cells govern the ticking of our circadian clocks, Gibbs explains, and it seems that one of the proteins involved in our inner clockwork, called cryptochrome, also influences inflammation. With more research, she believes experts might be able to predict at what time of day meds might be most helpful or even develop treatments that could target this protein to, although that s still a long way off, she says.

When youБre stressed out, your immune system canБt control its response to inflammation as well. As a result, your body canБt fight off infections or sickness as well as it usually can. This can cause your body to ache as it becomes more susceptible to inflammation and infection throughout your body. Watch out for other symptoms of stress and, such as: headaches, such as tension headaches or migraines If you think stress is causing your body aches, make small changes to your daily lifestyle to reduce your stress as much as possible.

Try these steps: Meditate for a few minutes per day. Focus on your breathing and take your mind off the people or events causing you stress. Take a walk or leave a stressful environment to remove yourself from triggers. Share your feelings of stress with someone you trust to help articulate the cause of your stress. If youБre losing sleep over stress, try relaxation techniques before bed or take short naps throughout the day to refresh yourself.

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why do my muscles ache in the morning
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