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why do my muffins stick to the paper liners

So I have this problem when I bake muffins with paper liners in the tins--when I peel them off, they take a lot of the muffin with it, including the nice brown part! The muffins are still tasty but it does seem like a shame to waste. Does anyone have a solution for this? Greasing the liners themselves? Not using liners at all and just greasing the tin? I have a non-stick tin but I don t really trust it to really non-stick. lol.

I know this seems like a rookie question, especially for someone who s been baking muffins for years, but I d really like to solve this annoying problem!
ThereБs nothing worse than spending all this time making and decorating the perfect cupcakes, only to have them stick to the liners and turn into a big disappointing mess.

Talk about frustrating! IБm going to show you a few simple tricks to show you exactly How to Prevent Cupcake Liners from Sticking. The video covers everything you need to know, and I ve also summarized my tips for you below. 1. Use. Look up reviews online to see if anyone has a problem with sticking. 2.

Use a, it doesn t have to be expensive but make sure it gets solid reviews. 3. Spray them with nonstick cooking spray or brush with a little melted butter (spray over the dishwasher to avoid a mess). 4. Slide a deeper baking pan filled with water into the bottom rack of your oven. The added moisture prevents sticking. 5. Allow the cupcakes to cool for a few minutes in the pan then remove to a cooling rack to finish cooling.

The residual heat can cause the liner to stick. 6. Let the cupcakes cool completely before removing the wrappers. Pop the cupcakes in the fridge for an hour to ensure theyБre cool and will release. Put the cupcakes upside-down in the microwave under a wet paper towel for 15 seconds. Easy!

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