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why does my breath smell like fart

Does anybody know what might be causing this? Stresses me out to the max. I've had it for maybe a year or less. I only just realised a few months ago the smell was coming from me, as I always thought I was smelling something in the air. I've been to the doctors for testing as I swore the smell was coming from the inside of me. H Pylori test came back negative. Went back again and the doctor told me it was acid reflux from old food fermenting inside of me and coming back up. I was on tablets for a month, which they did stop the reflux, but not the smell still coming from out of my nose. Funny that. I went back again and told a third doctor that I think that I might have an overgrowth of bacteria inside of me just so he would put me on antibiotics to try and kill it.

He put me on a 10 day course of Amoxyclav and Clavulanic Acid. I thought it worked great at the time but as time goes by I noticed the smell was still coming out of my nose. I can tell the difference between breathing fresh air and whatever this disgusting smell coming out of my nose is as it's not a full time thing, sort of comes and goes everyday. Lately I've been thinking it might have something to do with my tonsils? I always thought that I didn't get many tonsil stones because I never coughed any up. When I look at my tonsils tho I might see little bits of that feral stuff sitting there, or if I push on them some stuff might come out. I don't have a waterpik so I can't really give them a good clean to determine if they're the problem. When I breath from the back of my throat I can taste it like that's where the smell is coming from.

Can my tonsils be so full of shit that I just don't know it? Would it be possible for them to be making my nose breath smell every time I exhale even tho I can't see the stuff on my tonsils but can taste it? Is there anywhere else tonsil stones can hide apart from the palatine tonsils? When I rub hydrogen peroxide on them I can't smell or taste that bad smell I've been talking about. Is that a sign that that's where the smell is coming from? That's all I've got for now anyway. If you get back to me on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
Mine just came onset, nothing really changed in my life in health or anything. It just got to the point of people asking if i'd farted a few times, at first I thought nothing of it.

Then people started asking if i'd been for a shit. Still I thought nothing of it. Then I overheard a woman saying he stinks. So I'm sniffing my armpits thinking I had sweaty pits, nope. I carried on as usual, she talks nonsense. Then People were saying I stunk like I hadn't wiped my backside in 4 days. Wow, just how??? Then I started getting reactions, people coughing when I spoke to them. Being offered gum and tic tacs and the rest is history. I was horrified, my tongue just stunk of straight up shit. I just thought I'd up my oral hygiene but it got worse the more I tried to better it. I'm 23 now, I discovered I had BB around may or so last year. In the months/weeks prior I was living life like a normal person, now.

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