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why do the tips of my spider plant turn brown

1) Chlorine isn t necessarily a problem; is. (Some plants are touchier about it than others. ) Fluoride doesn t dissipate when water is left out. (Chlorine
used to, but most places now use instead of chlorine, and chloramine doesn t evaporate. ) 2) If your problem is high levels of minerals in the soil, you actually need to flush the soil out with lots of water, to dissolve the minerals and carry them out of the pot.

This is usually easiest to do in a sink or bathtub. With my own spider plants, I always water them in the tub, to flush out the soil, then pour in a little bit of fertilizer at the end, and my plants don t have burnt tips. 3) Being in a spot with a lot of hot, dry air will cause really fast tip burn as well. 4) I m not sure there s a reason why the plantlets will grow on the stems and at the end of the stems.

It s just how the plant grows. A: Spider plants tend to brown at the tips for one or more reasons, most commonly moisture stress. As the plant grows it requires more frequent watering because the plant is root-bound. If your plant has grown a great deal, it may need to be repotted into a larger pot or divided and part of it replanted in the same pot.

Also, winter heating can create a very dry atmosphere, and indoor plants suffer from the lack of humidity, especially if located near a heat vent or radiator. Moving the plant away from such heat sources, running a humidifier, grouping plants together or keeping them in a humid area (such as over the kitchen sink or in a bathroom where people shower) can help.

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why do the tips of my spider plant turn brown
why do the tips of my spider plant turn brown
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