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zoey 101 quiz which character are you

Which Zoey 101 Character Are You? I know many people who like Zoey 101 just as much as I do. If you are a true fan you probley know about the cast, characters,and just the whole entire show. Well, if you know that much you will probley be interereasted to see which character your most like. How can you do that? by taking this personallity quiz! So which character are you? You don't know yet do you? You can find out though. Do you know the answer? But thanks to this really great awesome quiz you will find out in just a few minutes! So what are you waiting for? check it out!
You win a raffle to go to L. A and your friends are saying that you re boyfriend/girlfriend rigged the drw.

You: Ignore them and go with him/her! OMG!! They are a total hottie! Beleive your friends and you don t go with him/her! You ll talk it over later! While you re at it take another girl/guy with you! You liked this person for years, can t your friends let you do this one thing!? You know what s right! So you do the right thing! Its your boyfriend! Who cares what your friends say! Here I come honey! You are tired of doing your gym class. You: Make up a new sport and tell your principal about it!!

You think of another sport that you have fun playing and ask if you can have that as a team at your school. You let another person make up the team and since you rule at that sport you join that team! You talk to the principal about it with your friends. You do gym anyways since you suck at sports. You just act as if your sick or something to get out of gym! You have to choose between you date and your friend. Which would you choose? None, they are both useless My Date, my friends will understand! I hope?!! My friend, but I ll talk to my date about it later!

You made plans with a friend but, you meet this really cute guy!! He asks you out on the same day your supposed to meet your friends!! You: You tell your date that your sorry and that you already have other plans that night! Tell them: Maybe tomorrow? Call your friend and tell her/him that you made other plans but, you apologize!! You blow off both of them and work on your homework or try one of your new experiments!! You try to hang with both of them at different times and see if you can pull it off!! You don t want to hurt anyone!! You say your sorry to your date and your friend and say you can;t make it!

You don t want to hurt anyone! Its better hurting both than hurting one!! You ll apologize again later!! Then you go practice a role you want so badly!! You blow off your friends! Who are you kidding, your date is a hottie!! You have a crush on one of your friends! You: Tell them and hope for the best! Or the worst! They re hot! Tell them and make sure they ll say yes!!! Don t know! Maybe they ll come through! Talk to your friends about it and get their help!! Keep it a secret! You can t help losing a friendship! Go for it! You like them. Right?

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