zodiac signs and what they say about you

I am not an expert on the zodiac, but I have been studying the concept for several years. If I meet someone new, I can usually take a good guess as to what sign they are very quickly. I am usually correct, or at least in the correct category, (i. e. Water or Fixed signs). These write-ups are based on my experience with each sign. If you are on the БcuspБ of a sign, you may unknowingly take on characteristics of both signs. For example, my grandma is on the cusp of Virgo/Libra. She can be quite nitpicky as a Virgo, but also a bit flaky and more easygoing like a Libra. She tends to get along best with Fire and Air signs, so I would consider her more of a Libra.

Also, something IБve noticed is that you can also be affected by the signs of who you grew up with. For example, my parents are both Pisces, so I am a bit more emotional than most Leos are. This makes it also easier for me to get along with other Pisces, as I understand where theyБre coming from. I still do get along best with other Fire and Air signs. I do not believe in the cheeky, daily Horoscopes that feature in newspapers. In my opinion, someone came up with those to make people feel good; not actually predict the future. They are enjoyable to read, but usually, as reliable as a fortune cookie.

Astrology is not a perfect science. Certain characteristics may not apply to you, and that's okay. There are a few different factors that we are not going to mention here, including Moon and Rising aspects. These aspects help to narrow down more specifically how you are, and why you are the way you are by using your date and location of birth. That's a bit too complicated for me, and I think a lot can be understood by just your Sun sign. No, it's not a perfect science, but it works for me.
I'm a Pisces. When I was at school and a math lesson was going on, since we like those books of math (not a text book) and we we're on division and I sucked at it and my lady friend left to go see the dentist during school (lucky her) so I was like really clingy with her but she didn't know, so I just started to cry half way into question 1 B then I didn't get anything done because I needed her presence to make me happy, some of my class mates saw me and they asked me what's wrong I just blamed this kid (fake name) Alex, he laugh like he was a infant girl so I blamed his laugh once with the first time somebody asked me, then the next time I just replied with "why should you care" then when she came back I just kept crying when she was here and also it was a freaking Friday, best day for non-Christians, so she tried to make me play with her because you know. 5th grade 30 minuet depression so I didn't play with her then the next time we got a break I played with her.

My experience in grade 5 is kinda wild.

Btw I'm still 5th grade and don't hate me because I was crying for 45 minuets, the last time I did this people we're like got rapped 10 times forced to watch porn for 7 days and fapped for 10 minuets and didn't cry, yeah Idgaf (I don't give a f***) about how you we're rapped 10 times, I just give no more f***s anymore

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