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why does my boyfriend yell at me

Why My Boyfriend Keeps Shouting At Me Or Whenever Hes Mad He Would Take It Out On Me!!!!!????? I Dont Like It!!!!!!!! Me and my boyfriend has been together for 4 years now. I love him very much but i just really hate him. I hate the way he interrupt me when i wanted to tell him things, i hate that he doesnt have the patience for me. I hate that hes only has himself in his world. i m just the person always brings him food, goes away when he wants some space, but comes back when he needs me. hes not the same guy anymore. -- but he likes to think that hes never changed. Does he understand that i sometimes needs him too? i want him to bring me things too? i want him to listen tot that half an sentence that i never finished too? He said that to me one night that: you seems strange lately, you know you can talk to me. No, i cant never talk to him anymore. He will soon interrupt me and not let me finish what i wanna say. he doesnt have the patience for me. its funny, he has all the patience to everyone else or his games. but just dont have the patience to hear my half sentence.

How can i talk to him this way??? I also hate that my boyfriend always call me names when hes mad. i hate it so ******* much when he call me names. he calls me names such as the women he doesnt like from tv show, (aka Lynett from desperate housewives)but its so double standard becoz i rmemeber once i called him names he was like oh thats a drama but this is real life or something like that. i m like u do it to me every time he gets mad!!!!!! i seriously think he has a problem with women becoz he hates all of those imperfect women from dramas or tv shows (but he forgets that hes never a perfect person). and he like to think i m those evil women. but all i tried to do is live one day without his shouting or blaming. he does appreciate me when i bring him food, but for how long? if i being the nicest girl in the whole world can he be nice and not shout for one day? can he? i never thinks i m a perfect person. i made mistakes a lot and i can be childish sometimes. i do not think i m one of those girls so brilliant and think i deserve the whole world. however i do try my best to be a better person as well as making him happy. even he prob wont agree. i just want him to respect me and think twice before he will shout. think twice before he wants to take things out on me. he will never admit that tho. i dont need him to say thank you or sorry or this and that. i dont wanna hear bullshit anymore i just dont wanna be shouted and blamed every day!!!!!!!!! we r decorating our house together. i know i can never help with the heavy work. however i do all of the housework in the house. actually ever since we r together i do all the housework for both of us as long as i remember. am i stupid or what? i bet he will never admit this. apart from occationally helping me with a grumpy attitude. or blaming me this or that. i m not the only person living in this house. who i m going to complain to when i m doing housework. i always hear stories about the man in the house at least do half of the housework. even from his dad and his dads girlfriend. i dont mind doing all this. but dont shout at me if he decide to throw some rubbish into the bin. just one for a million years anyway!!!!
He yells when he's happy.

He yells when he's sad.

But mostly, he yells when he's mad. Apparently he was listening all those times I told him to "use his words," but unfortunately I didn't think to install a volume setting. He's a boisterous kid, and I'm OK with that, but it's the angry yelling that worries me. There's a lot of demanding yelling like "BRING ME A CUP OF WATER NOW!!! " I always stop and tell him firmly that he's not allowed to talk like that; that's not how you get what you want; and to ask me politely. And he does. But it's not reducing the yelling demands. It's really unpleasant and I don't know how I should react to make it stop. (I've tried just ignoring, by the way, and that just leads to louder and louder yelling. Sigh. ) Any advice? Yeah. this is pretty much the situation. Not good.

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