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why is there a battery on the motherboard

does it matter if i plug a hdd into a different sata port on my motherboard? Why does my PC have lag when on battery? Does motherboard quality matter? Tech: does mAH matter on a 3. 6V replacement battery for Be. Why does a good PSU matter? Does it matter which way the reset switch connector is facing on the motherboard? Does it matter if I use my video card or motherboard for audio? Does it matter what pcie slot I use with this motherboard? Does it matter when your graphics card is gddr5 or gddr4 when choosing motherboard? Does it really matter which Z motherboard do I get to overclock the CPU i7 4790k to 4. 7 to 5. 0 speed? Does the Pcie version matter (2. 0 motherboard to 3. 0 GPU)? Does it matter if a motherboard doesn t have heatsinks although I don t plan on overclocking?
Most current motherboards use a CR2032 3v Lithium battery for the CMOS battery.

The purpose of the battery is to maintain enough power to the CMOS memory to keep the system configuration and clock accurate. It does not get charged up when the power to the motherboard is left on because it is not a rechargeable battery. In the past, many motherboards did use a rechargeable battery to save the CMOS from being lost but this is no longer necessary because modern CMOS memory requires so little power to maintain valid data. A very small battery can be used to keep it valid for months to years. When you replaced the CMOS battery you removed the old one which caused your CMOS to lose power and, therefore, the data and the clock became invalid. Then you installed the new one which restored power but did not restore the lost data or clock.

So when you powered on the system the CMOS data was again in the invalid state and needed to be rewritten by the BIOS program. All of this is normal and does not indicate a problem with your motherboard. However, the following statement, "Everything was fine except I could no longer see any icons in the notification area. Changing the Bios date/time didn't seem to do anything as the PC's system date was still wrong; off by about a year. ", could possibly indicate a problem, most likely with windows. I have seen this particular issue myself several times after I have been working in the BIOS. Windows, for reasons that I have never understood, sometimes fails to update the date/time correctly. I wouldn't worry too much about that as long as the date/time stays current and correct after you set it in windows.

However, the fact that you lost your icons in the notification area suggests that something got corrupted in Windows. Which version of windows are you running? Can you describe in better detail what exactly you're not seeing? Is it just the icons or is the entire notification area missing? I assume you're referring to the small area in the lower right hand corner next to the date/time display, correct? Does the rest of your Desktop come up OK? Does your Startup menu appear correct or are there items missing? Also look at the devices in Device Manager to see if there are any devices that are not working or cannot start. Additionally, in your second post you said that everything is good with the replacement board? But, is the replacement the same board exactly or is it a different model or manufacturer?

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