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youtube how to get a six pack

UPDATE: THANK YOU for all your support video with more details coming soon р Hey guys as you may have seen if you ve tried to watch any of my videos, YouTube has permanently suspended my account and deleted ALL my videos. This is a horrible mistake by YouTube that could prevent me from making ANY free videos for you in the future. But we CAN do something about it but I need your help! If you were helped by any of our videos, PLEASE send YouTube an email asking them to reinstate our account. These suspensions are triggered by an automated system, and it s VERY common for YouTube to mistakenly suspend legitimate accounts by accident.

But they will re-instate the account if enough people contact them to let them know they want the channel back. If my YouTube videos have helped you, I d REALLY appreciate if you let them know. Tell them about the results you got with our YouTube workouts and fitness tips, and let them know that it was wrong to suspend our account. In the automated form email YouTube sent to me after our account was suspended, it said that our account was suspended for promoting a scam.

You guys know how passionate I am about helping guys get in shape, and showing you the REAL keys to building muscle, burning fat and getting six pack abs. So you can imagine how angry I was to be falsely accused of this. But we CAN get this mistake fixed, and get the videos back up with your help. So fill out that form above now, and let YouTube know how the videos helped you get in shape. I am going to continue to work with YouTube and Google to fix this, and hopefully I ll be back making new videos for you soon!
Mike Chang's obsession with fitness started at a young age When he was 10 years old, hed ask his mother to record womens group aerobic workouts that would air early in the morning, then watch them in the afternoon when he got home from school, following along faithfully with a pair of three-pound dumbbells. at the age of 14 he had started going to the gym and lifting weights.

Growing up in, all he ever wanted was six pack abs. Around 2005-2006, Chang began researching dietary needs and the inner workings of the, all while seeking knowledge from several mentors, including a named Zach who had worked with various.

Chang became a popular trainer in his home town, and soon had hundreds training under him, to achieve the results he had achieved in his workouts. Chang posted his first workout video on in March 2010, co-starring his Friend Dan. He boasted multiple YouTube channels with his six packs shortcuts program, hundreds of videos and had more than 4. 5 million subscribers across all his Channels with over 230 million views. Chang has also released variety of products including Muscle and a pre workout supplement named The Afterburn Fuel.

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