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why was the battle of leyte significant

This battle is considered the largest naval battle in World War 2 and possibly in history. Also this Allied victory opened the doors to freedom for the Philippines which was conquered by Japan. This greatly affected the war because it reduced the flow of supplies and resources to the home islands. Finally, this is the first time the Japanese used the military strategy "kamikaze". It became the one of the most effective naval battle strategies in war history. takes out mainly ships of the enemy. Many were used in the attack on Pearl
Harbor. They were the main reason why Japan had a great aviation attack. Battle of Leyte Gulf, (October 23в26, 1944), decisive air and sea battle of Combined Fleet, permitted, and reinforced the Alliesв control of the Pacific.

The battle was precipitated by a U. S. amphibious assault on the central Philippine island of on October 20. The Japanese responded with (Victory Operation), a plan to decoy the U. S. Third Fleet north, away from the San Bernardino Strait, while converging three forces on Leyte Gulf to attack the landing; the First Attack Force was to move from the north across the Sibuyen Sea through the San Bernardino Strait, with the Second Attack Force and C Force moving from the south across the through the Surigao Strait.

Leyte Gulf, Battle of U. S. landing ships, tank (LSTs), on the beach at Leyte Island in the Philippines, October 1944. EncyclopГdia Britannica, Inc. U. S. troops landing on Leyte island in the Philippines during World War II. EncyclopГdia Britannica, Inc. As the Japanese forces moved into position southwest of Leyte, submarines of the U. S. Seventh Fleet discovered the First Attack Force and sank two heavy cruisers west of Palawan on October 23. A series of almost continuous surface and air clashes followed, especially in the Sibuyen Sea, while the U. S. Third Fleet chased the Japanese decoy. Finally, on October 25, the three major engagements of the battle were fought, almost simultaneously.

At the Surigao Strait, battleships and cruisers from the Seventh Fleet destroyed C Force and forced the Second Attack Force to withdraw. Meanwhile, the First Attack Force passed through the unguarded San Bernardino Strait and inflicted heavy damage on the Seventh Fleet escort carriers off Samar but withdrew unexpectedly just as they seemed ready to attack the landing operations. In the north, off Cape EngaГo, part of the Third Fleet sank Japanese carriers while another part moved south, attacking and pursuing the First Attack Force.

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