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why was the baby cookie sad worksheet answers

  It depends if you are just melancholic or are actually depressed. Depression can cause stress or be caused by stress, and this is much more harmful for your baby than being under-the-weather. If your mood has been low for a long time, consider speaking to your doctor about it. Try doing things to lift your mood - you will be surprised. Try: Going for a walk, watching a comedy film or your favourite one, eating something nice (careful you don't overeat though), swimming, getting something you can look after like a pet (or even a plant or flower), making new friends, reading a good book.

Your doctor will most likely suggest some or more of these things, or else he will put you on medication - though this is unlikely as you are pregnant, and most doctors do not want to risk any side effects on your unborn baby. Consider talking to a counsellor or other professional, so that you can get to the heart of what it is that makes you feel sad.

Only then can you solve it, and usually only with the support of others. Remember life has so much to offer and a person should never feel unhappy for long in this life because it is so short and should be lived to it's maximum potential everyday. Let us know how you get on.
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