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why is shipping to australia so expensive

That is rates from MyUS for a budget carrier. who that is I have no idea though. There are plenty of other forwarding companies out there as well. ShipItTo for 8kg is about the same and they don't force you to express/priority
Keep in mind that USPS "priority" is quoted as "6-10 business days to most markets". It's a big step down from express. I had guessed my $150 package was 8kg. Running the numbers through the USPS site it looks like it was more like 10kg. 8kg would be around $130 via USPS priority.

I had a look at MyUS and ShipItTo rates and while you can send 8kg for less than $130, the best I saw was about $90 with the unknown "budget" carrier and the better known carriers about $110 so it's still not a huge way off. I do find their FedEx rates interesting as you cannot get anywhere near close to that rate directly on their website. I know this thread is about purchasing and shipping, but I was talking about mailing personal Items, e. g. a bunch of xmas presents.

I am not sure if I could use these services to do that. Anyway, this doesn't change the point I was trying to make which was that shipping from the US to Australia is about the same as it the other way and that US ebay sellers can't effectively compete against the Chinese internationally either. The OP is unlikely to find a way to send their small cheap parcel any cheaper than they've been quoted.

Today approximately 13 minutes ago I found some awesome looking Tshirts on your website, including the Ironbanner and Bungie Logo with the hand holding a lighting bolt, they look amazing so I decided to buy them both 24. 99$ for both correct?

But your shipping is another 48. 99 that s a total of around 96. 99$ for deliver like WTF!! That s total bullshit could you send the Shirts that are available on your website to

Eb Games Australia?

Basically that s GameStop in USA. I know it s a big ask but hundreds of people I know have been asking for this to happen only TWO shirts arrived there. The Hunter, Warlock and Titan Tshirts got there that s it, I think the destiny tower map also made its way to the store that s it. Could you help me with this and explain why it s so expensive for shipping to Australia? Thank you.

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