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why was such a high reward placed on tubman

During this election, slavery was on everyone's mind. The candidates were:
Abraham Lincoln- Republican, did not want slavery in territories. Stephen douglas- Northern democrat, thought popular sovereignty should be used to decide on slavery in the states. John Bell- Constitutional unionist, thought federal government should support slavery and defend the union John Breckinridge- southern democrat, thought the federal government should protect slavery Lincoln won, although with no southern votes, leading to secession of the south. These are the most commonly asked questions about Harriet Tubman. Read on and learn more about this African American heroine. What was Harriet Tubmans real name? Pher parents named her Araminta Ross. Why did she change her name? She changed her name before Pso that it would be difficult to track her. She adopted the name Harriet after mother and took her husbands last name, Tubman.

What was Tubmans nickname? Her parents called her Minty as a child and as a adult, those she guided to freedom. Where was Harriet Tubman born? Harriet Tubman was born in Dorchester County, Maryland. When was Harriet Tubman born? It is believed that Tubman was born between 1815 and 1825. Records of slaves births were not kept by their owners so it is impossible to know with certainty the date of her birth. When did Harriet Tubman escape? Harriet Tubman Pon September 17, 1849. How did Harriet Tubman escape slavery? She was helped by the Underground Railroad supporters. It is believed that she walked north east along the Choptank River and through Delaware, crossing the Mason-Dixon Line to freedom into Pennsylvania. Her journey was nearly 90 miles and it is unclear how long it took her. P The Mason-Dixon Line was the demarcation of north and south, freedom and slavery.

Who did Harriet Tubman marry? She was married twice. was in 1844 to John Tubman, and her second one in 1869 to Nelson Davis. How many people did Harriet Tubman guide to freedom? In close to a decade conducting the Underground Railroad she made 19 trips and guided around 300 slaves to freedom. Some were guide by her and others followed her instructions. Why was Harriet Tubman called Moses? She was called Pas an analogy to the biblical story of Moses who attempted to lead the Jews to the Promised Land and free them from slavery. How did Harriet Tubman let slaves know of her plans? Harriet was illiterate, she communicated with other slaves by Pwhite people would not understand. The lyrics of the songs contained. Is it true that Harriet Tubman had a $40,000 dead or alive bounty on her head? There is no proof of such a large reward and most likely it is a myth. There was a notice published in the Cambridge Democrat on October 3, 1849 offering a $300 reward for the return of Minty and her two brothers, Ben and Harry.

Notice of $300 reward for the return of Minty, Harry and Ben in the Cambridge Democrat. Click on image to enlarge. What was Harriet Tubman s role in the Civil War? Pwas that of as a nurse, cook, laundress, scout and spy. What did Harriet Tubman do after the Civil War? PTubman kept helping her people, she hosted them in her house and helped them any way she could. She relied on donations. Why did it take so long to get compensation from her services in the Civil War? It took Tubman more than 30 years to get a Pbecause her services were not documented. How did Harriet Tubman die? Tubman died of pneumonia. When did Harriet Tubman die? Pon March 12, 1913. Where is Harriet Tubman buried? Tubman was buried with military honors in the Auburns Fort Hill Cemetery.

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