why does my baby smile in his sleep

It s hard not to feel overjoyed when your baby gazes adoringly into your eyes and flashes a brief, but unmistakable smile. But is she really trying to
her joy at seeing you, or does she simply have gas? Babies usually don t start social smiling until about eight months, but their smiles can still say a lot before then. In fact, babies smile when they re asleep from birth, says Dr. Daniel Messinger. Neonatal smiling occurs from birth to one month of age and shows no emotional content.

Smiles are spontaneous and often occur while the baby is drowsy or during REM stages of. Baby smiles are subcortical in origin and will actually decrease with maturity (so premature babies smile more than full-term babies). And, contrary to popular belief, baby smiles have nothing to do with gas. 2. Gas Some experts said that babies could only do social smile by the time that they are two months old.

Smiles earlier than that could only mean that your baby is passing gas. This claim is unfounded, but I cannot discount it since there isnвt much research connecting babyвs laughs and sleep. Babies who always fart are more prone to colic, hence expelling extra winds can make them feel so much better. 3. REM sleep stage Babies have shorter sleep cycle. They can fall into deep sleep faster than adults.

As such, little ones tend to laugh and cry out of the blue an hour or two into their sleep. Thatвs because they are dreaming, as you can also see their eyes moving under those lids. Perhaps the reason why your baby is laughing is that she is relieving something funny that happened during the day. Donвt interrupt and donвt wake her up during this sleep stage or sheвll go fussy.

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