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why is saving energy important for the environment

Energy extracted from the utilization of physical or chemical resources specifically providing light and heat to make machines work. As you know fossil fuels (coal, peat, natural gas and crude oil originated from dead plants and animals) is the bulk of world's primary energy resources. With changing environment and way of living, demand of energy is increasing day by day. Energy is required in whatever task you are going to perform either cooking or turning on fan. On contrast, what happens available amount of energy is decreasing and its something which once finished you can't use it again. Not only this, there are several reasons behind
Why is Saving Energy Important for the Environment.

Saving Energy Avoids Pollution Using less energy, save natural gas and reduces pollution. Actually from industries, power plants to vehicles consumes energy and produce emissions that affects environment Saving Energy Helps In Saving Money Using energy efficient appliances at home and every day actions of life like turn off light when you are not in home, use energy efficient cooking appliances, washing clothes in cold water etc. Saving Energy Improves Ntional Security - Energy efficient tools and tricks also helps in decreasing overall demand of energy. So, we can use this energy in armed forces to improve energy efficiency of equipments, buildings etc and save money which is directly invest in defense programs.

Now question arises how we can save energy for the environment, it's not so much complicated you just have to follow few things in you life and you can see the positive outcome. Here are few things which helps in saving energy Never forget to unplug chargers or any other appliances when you don't use them. Turning thermostat down by 1C saves 60 per year. Always wash clothes at low temperature to minimize energy usage. Replace normal bulbs with LED's and CFL's bulbs. Fix dripping hot water tap to avoid wastage of hot water.

Prefer using a solar panel installed on your home to save money on electricity bills. to make sure you are using the cheapest tariff. For any kind of information, visit Why is it so important to save energy? Energy isn't free. The grown-ups in your house pay for the all the electricity you use. So wasting energy is the same as wasting money - and we know that's not a good idea! Which appliances use the most electricity? Of all the big appliances in your house, the refrigerator uses the most electricity. An older refrigerator that doesn't use energy efficiently might cost more than $200 every year in electricity.

Other big energy users are water heaters, clothes dryers, dishwashers and ovens. If you like math, you can try to see how saving energy can save money. Is it true that computers and TVs use electricity even when they're turned off? Yes! Computers, TVs, DVD players and microwaves use electricity to power the clock and remember all the settings you program into them. For example, when you turn your television off, it still draws power to remember the last channel you viewed and to turn on instantly without a lengthy warm-up time. Test your energy smarts! Now that you're learned about saving energy, go through our.

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