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why is salt needed to make ice cream

Why do you need salt to make ice cream? By In the video there are two different things to try: 1) Making ice cream, and 2) Measuring the change in temperature when adding salt to ice. If you would like to try making ice cream at home, here is what you need:
Mix the milk, sugar and vanilla together and pour into the small plastic bag. Seal the bag and make sure it is not leaking. Put the small bag into the large bag, add the ice and sprinkle all of the salt over the ice. Now mash the bag for about 10 minutes until you can see that the milk has turned to ice cream. [If you do not mash the bag, the milk will freeze solid and it will be a "milk ice cube" instead of "ice cream". ] Pull the small bag out of the big bag, rinse off the small bag (to get the salt off), open the bag and enjoy!

To experiment with different chemicals that could be used to melt ice as shown in the video, you need: Different chemicals to melt the ice (e. g. - salt). Put the water in the cup. Add the thermometer or temperature probe so it is submerged in the water. Freeze the water overnight. Now pull the ice cube out of the freezer.

Immediately start graphing the temperature as shown in the video, recording the temperature every minute. Once the temperature of the ice has stabilized at 31 to 32 degrees F, add 2 tablespoons of salt to the ice cube. Now graph the temperature as it falls, as shown in the video. You can try all sorts of chemicals besides salt. Try sugar, laundry detergent, baking soda, rubbing alcohol (with adult supervision), etc. It is said that chlorine bleach works well, but you definitely need adult supervision for that. DO NOT LET KIDS PLAY WITH BLEACH. Have fun performing your own science experiments! "Why is it that in hot countries we put salt on ice in the ice cream makers to keep the ice from melting, while in cold countries we put salt on ice to melt it?

In both cases, the answer is based on the fact that addingPsalt to an ice water mixture in equilibrium, lowers the freezing point (or melting point)P of the equilibrium. PWhen you add just ice Pto the ice cream maker, the ice absorbs heat from the surrounding and starts melting. At 0C Pequilibrium is reached and the temperature cannot go any lower.

This is not cold enough for making ice cream. When salt is added, the equilibrium will be reached, and kept atPthe lower temperatures required. But w hen salt comes into contact with the ice on the road some heat is released because of the solvation process. This melts the ice yielding once again an ice water equilibrium. But because of the presence of salt this mixture will re-freeze Pat lower temperatures than 0C. In both Pcases the lowering of the freezing point will depend on the concentration of salt in the mixture. P

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