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why is saint patrick day celebrated in america

St. Patrick s Day: Why Do Americans Celebrate It? In the U. S. , many Americans celebrate
St. Patrick s Day. PWhy? People in the U. S. immigrate from many countries. PThey bring their holidays with them. PIndian-Americans often celebrate Diwali, Muslim-Americans often celebrate Eid. St. Patrick s Day originated as an Irish Celebration of an early (someone who tries to his/her religion, in this case, Christianity). PThe myth that he drove the snakes out of Ireland referred to his conversion of the (non-Christians) to Christianity. PThe (or ) became associated with him because he used it to teach the, the Christian idea that God was three-in-one: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Over time, the holiday moved away from its religious roots and became associated with Irish pride. PIreland is a very green country, so people started wearing green on St. Patrick s Day. P(In many schools, a child not wearing green on St.

Patrick s day will be by his friends. ) PThe four-leaf-clover replaced the three-leafed-clover and became a symbol of luck rather than the trinity. PThere are often in cities with big Irish populations. If you are ever in the U. S. on St. Patrick s Day, look for a parade and go to a to try some green beer. PAlso, don t forget to wear green so you can avoid getting pinched! Erin Go Bragh!! (This comes from an Irish language phrase, yirinn go Brch, whichPexpresses loyaltyPto Ireland. ) If you want to read more, here is a site with more information: P Why Do We Celebrate St. Patricks Day? Fun St. Patricks Day Facts Hide your pot of gold and start cooking up the corned beef and cabbage, because Saint Patricks Day is almost here! This time of year, youre probably used to seeing some form of the green clover waved through the streets, and various emerald liquors at your local bar.

Yes, it seems that nothing draws a crowd quite like the eponymous British saint (yep, British he was originally from Roman Britain). While its not a legal holiday, St. Patricks Day is one of the most widely celebrated in America. Every year, folks nationwide go to great lengths to celebrate Irish culture and festivities. While some traditions are a little kookier than others, in the end, its all about tradition. Here are five communities that go above and beyond beer and green garb. 1. Chicago, Illinois Every year, the Windy City celebrates the day by dyeing the Chicago River green. Coinciding with a parade held on the closest Saturday each year, river dyeing (and observing) starts at 9:00AM. An eco-friendly, vegetable-based solution is infused into the water; much like the holiday spirit, the color lasts for several days. 2.

Hot Springs, Arkansas Where can you go to watch Irish Elvis impersonators, belly dancers, and a musical troupe march down the shortest street in the world? Hot Springs, Arkansas of course. Every St. Patricks Day, a parade takes over Bridge Street, spreading bright green cheer. Last year it included Dr. Albert Habeeb, the self-proclaimed worlds oldest leprechaun (at 95). And this year, Michael and Kevin Bacon will be there too. 3. North Kansas City, Missouri Snake Saturday is a big deal in North Kansas City. No, its not a snake petting zoo. But serpentine floats, design competitions, and a charity cook-off make this event a huge draw. And with nearly 100,000 attendees, Snake Saturday has raised over a million dollars for charity in the last three decades! 4. New London, Wisconsin New London loves this holiday so much so that they change their towns name for the day!

Aside from hosting the states biggest Saint Pattys Day parade (bagpipes and all), a host of leprechauns scout all the citys public signs even on the highway and change the name to New Dublin. 5. ONeill, Nebraska ONeill is not only Nebraskas official Irish Capital, but its also home to the worlds biggest shamrock! No, its not a real shamrock, but the gigantic shamrock painted in the towns busiest intersection is still bound to impress. It also serves as the epicenter of the St. Pattys Day festivities, which includes a dramatic reading of Dr. Seusss Green Eggs and Ham. However you choose to celebrate on March 17th, take a moment to show your appreciation for Americas downright unique St. Patricks Day traditions. And as the Irish say, Bottoms up or bottoms down, either way, no one will frown!

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