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The ScorpioPsymbol, or glyph, is designed to depict the Scorpion and its stinger. This is the ScorpioPhoroscope symbol and the character that represents this zodiac sign. Each zodiac sign has a special symbol, or glyph, thats associated with the mythology behind it. For example, Sagittarius is ruled by the mythical Centaurthe Archerso its glyph resembles an arrow pointed skyward. ScorpioPis symbolized by the Scorpion s stinger. Almost all of the 12 zodiac signs are depicted by an animal, with the exception of Gemini, Virgo and Libra. The ScorpioPsymbol also has a unique meaning. What is the symbol for Scorpio? The ScorpioPhoroscope symbol is the Scorpion. The ScorpioPsign symbol is usually depicted as the Scorpion and its stinger to insinuate Scorpio s highly sexual nature. PThe ScorpioPM glyph has a prolonged and pointy tail, revealing the Scorpions sting, unlike Virgos tail, which is curled in on itself. P
Ptypically fall from OctoberP23 to November 21. I ntimacy, sex, secrecy, power and control are the main. Thus,Pthe ScorpioPsymbol of the Scorpion s stinger expresses the i ntensity, depth and obsessiveness of this zodiac sign. As an elusive Pand a goal-settingP, ScorpioPis the zodiac s power-monger, the sign known for their savviness in wealth, resources and joint ventures.

To remember what symbol is Scorpio, heres a handy chart: Although there is a standard symbol used to depict each zodiac sign, ScorpioPsigns and symbols can vary based on the artist who renders it. You may see differentPScorpioPsymbols, spanning from the simple Scorpio M Pglyph of the Scorpion s stinger,Pto a full-on detailed drawing of the Scorpion itself. ScorpioPis ruled by, which has aPsymbol of its own. The PlutoPsymbol is simply depicted by Spirit (a c ircle) over a crescent and a cross. Pluto s symbol suggests spiritual receptivity to super worlds, or the superconscious; placed above the physical/material world. The symbol for Scorpio is in a way unexplained as much as Virgo. The sting at the right hand end of it is easy to understand, and this also links it to the signБs traditional ruler, Mars. It represents our drive and the initiative we have to move. It would probably be appropriate to say that Scorpio represents change and the entire symbol shows ups and downs that end with a lift to another plain, this in a way representing death. The letter БMБ that stands as a basis for both Virgo and Scorpio has never been explained and it has been discussed that it stands for БMaidenБ.

Although there is a slim chance this is the origin of the symbol, it goes well with the feminine nature of both signs. As much as Virgo represents a feminine principle ruled by Mercury, going back to the beginning for as many times as needed to solve the equation, Scorpio speaks of moving on and the feminine approach to the moment when things end. The sign of is ruled by Pluto and even though its traditional ruler is Mars, let us stick with a Бnon-planetБ Pluto for a moment. Some time ago, Pluto has lost its status of a planet although it has been considered one for years, and it was declared a dwarf planet because of its size. The sign of Scorpio and Pluto both speak of dismissed things, trash, emotions that we donБt want to recognize or see. It is interesting then how Pluto has been dismissed, amputated from our reality, only to find ourselves surrounded by one planet less, as if it made a difference to him or his movements in any way. In Greek mythology Pluto was the god of the underworld and he is usually connected to the story of his wife Persephone, through a love that breaks all boundaries and ties two people together regardless of death.

There are two symbols that represent Pluto. The first one is a monogram for Pluto, a combination of letters БPБ and БLБ that could also be interpreted to stand for Percival Lowell, the astronomer who initiated the search for a planet beyond the orbit of Neptune. In abstract symbolism, it can represent a man standing firmly on the ground, bowing down to the imminence of death The second symbol for Pluto is said to be the modification of NeptuneБs astrological symbol, except instead of the three arrows, it is a circle in a crescent. It represents the mind (crescent) transcending matter (cross) to reach for divine spirit (circle). It can also be understood that the symbol for Pluto connects the Sun, the Moon and the Earth, making it extremely special for our entire system of movement in the Universe. If the crescent is moved above the circle, we get the symbol for Mercury, the messenger of the gods. The entire upper half of the symbol can be viewed as a crib holding a baby, or a mother holding a baby in her arms, while the cross is the death of our physical body and the grave our body will end up in. This combination speaks of PlutoБs depth as a link between death and the conception of life

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