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why does my baby cry so much before sleeping

Some babies cry like that when going off to sleep to wind themselves down if that makes sense. Many babies have a dummy to suck on, or their parents rock them, or they are fed to sleep which are all really bad habits to get into. Your baby self settles which is good, but needs to cry to wind down enough to go to sleep. We had to go to a sleep school and use CC to teach my baby to self settle, and for months afterwards she would cry as she settled herself off to sleep. Eventually though the length of crying got shorter, then she started to just whinge and have a little cry, then it was just a few little grizzly noises and now she usually just goes off to sleep without any crying whatsoever. However she still has a dummy. which I would really like to wean her off actually, but no luck so far, she screams the place down when I try to take it off her.

Has your baby always self settled? Or did you only start teaching her to self settle 4 months ago? I would give it time and eventually your baby will learn to go off to sleep without crying. I do remember it took my DD a long time before there was no crying at all. As for the night feeding that amount of feeds really seems excessive for an 8 month old. Is she breast fed or bottle fed? I would definitely cut out the night feeds. If she wakes offer water only, keep lights dim or not on at all, change nappy if necessary but do that in the cot, don t make eye contact or talk. A paed taught me this method and it works. My DD still wakes a few times overnight sometimes but she either self settles, or resettles when I put the dummy back in. She rarely has a feed overnight and hasn t done since about 4 months.

***LONG POST APOLIGIES IN ADVANCE*** My DD seems to talk to herself, not cry, for up to an hour before going to sleep and I m worried that she isn t getting enough day sleep time because of this. For example, I try to get her into bed by 9:20am so I start feeding her to sleep at about 9am. Instead of being sleepy when I put her to bed she is awake and happy and she will just lie in her cot and roll around and talk to herself for ages before going to sleep. Does this mean she is not ready for sleep when I put her to bed and I should push her day sleep time out later by 30 mins or something? Or is it that the morning isn t stimulating enough for her to be tired cos she mainly just plays on the floor while I clean the house. I have a similar thing that happens in the afternoon, i ll try to put her to bed at 1:20pm but she will talk to herself till 2pm or 2:45pm.

HELP None of my baby sleep books tell me what to do when your kid talks to themselves when you put them to bed only what to do when they cry, how long to let them cry for and types of protesting cries and what not I m worried about my DD, yesterday she only got 80 min of total day sleep and today is looking like a repeat performance PPS (Another thing is that Shae is always a very happy baby, no matter how much sleep she seems to have, so I don t know if it s just me getting cranky at her lack of sleep. My mum thinks I m too anal about her day sleep. Look at poor Shae, she is the face of misery my mum says sarcasticly as she points to my giggling child who has been awake for 4 hours straight) Edited by kuroneko, 08 January 2009 - 12:02 PM.

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