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you left just when i needed you most

VanWarmer was inspired to write "Just When I Needed You Most" after his old car that he loved and used for years broke down on the way to work in Denver, Colorado and by a "devastating" breakup with a girlfriend: he wrote the song six months after that breakup co-writing it with Tony Wilson of the group
two years before it became a hit. After recording "Just When I Needed You Most" for an album recorded for the UK division of, VanWarmer then flew to the US to pressure Bearsville's head office to promote the album which was duly remixed and released with "Just When I Needed You Most" as lead single although VanWarmer would recall that Bearsville evinced little enthusiasm for the track: "Nobody thought my version was an especially good version of the song [which] a few other people were thinking of cutting.

Everybody just assumed mine was a for people to listen to who'd [then] cut the definitive version". It has also been asserted that "Your Light" the was the original intended of VanWarmer's single. Released as a in February 1979, VanWarmer's "Just When I Needed You Most" spent two weeks atop the US and in June 1979 reached its peak position of No. 4 on the chart accruing an overall tenure of 14 weeks and earning Gold record status.

In addition, the track reached No. 71 on the Billboard. and in September 1979 made the Top 10 on the, peaking at No. 8. VanWarmer attributed his single's success to empathy for its heartbreak scenario: "It's happened to everyone. That emotion is universal. I always hoped the record wasn't wallowing in self-pity and it had some redeeming value, and I guess it does. " VanWarmer also attributed his single's success to the instrumental break between the second and third verses, performed by. This is a very nice song! They play it on the Dawn Patrol on BBC Radio 2 sometimes, thats where I 1st heard it, and it kinda grew on me.

This song has a perfect melody with some great harmonies, which makes it pretty soothing to listen to despite being a sad song. A lot of people can relate to the lyrics too, as almost everyone has these "blue" times when they really miss someone. The only bit i dont like about the song, is the horrid plinky-plonky middle part! Its an awful sound and kinda spoils the song a bit for me. personno. 1 This song is so beautiful. It's really sad, sometimes I cry when I listen to it. I think the meaning is pretty self-explanatory. A lover left and they miss them terribly.

The meaning is fairly obvious, but this is a beautiful song of loss that applies to losing any person you love. like everyone else said, the lyrics are pretty straightforward. i'd just like to add that i feel that the title of the song is something people think when their significiant other breaks up with them. you feel like, "why'd they have to leave NOW of all times? " even though no time would be good. great and sad song update to my earlier post, I heard this song (and others) while driving back home after my mother died. It said what I was thinking. Broke my heart.

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