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why does my baby cry after breastfeeding

My little one was diagnosed with reflux at 6 weeks, she was put onto Zantac by my pediatrician. She is now 12 weeks old and still seems to be suffering with it. I did stopped the medication 2 weeks ago when my GP suggested me to in order to observe her and see how she goes. So the upshot now is that she is back to crying during her feeds, and crying after she burps and vomits. She also arches her back backwards when I sit her up to burp her, apparently all symptoms of reflux. So I am now thinking of starting her back on the Zantac and see how she goes.

Both the GP and the pediatrician said that I should recommence the meds if symptoms reappear. I just hate seeing her suffer each feed.
Daughter screms and cries after breast feeding. HELP PLS!!! Daughter screms and cries after breast feeding. HELP PLS!!! My daughter is 8 weeks old. After I breastfeed her she screams and cries for hours. There is no making her happy. I've pumped and done formula off and on to see if my milk was the case. She has been on Similac Advance, Similac Soy, Enfamil Presobee (sp? ), Enfamil Gentleease and Similac Alimentum.

Though the Alimentum seemed to have helped she broke out in little red bumps all over her scalp, face, neck and ears. Now I'm back to breastfeeding and don't know what to do. It is heartbreaking so see your child cry and scream like someone is killing her. I have to constantly hold her and rock her or bounce her. I hear breatmilk is the best for her but in my case it seems to not be it. I've tried changing what I eat so many times that I'm out of options and feel I can't eat at all. Dr says she has colic but that only comes at 8 pm on the dot every night.

I know this because she was fine all day on the alimnentum til 8 pm hit. I want to breast feed more than anything. I enjoy breastfeeding my daughter (though I was very skeptical about it before she came). She is always gassy, pooping heavily or not at all, fussy, screaming, crying. It is hard to play with her cause she won't calm down long enough to play. What am I to do??? Pls someone help me. I'm desperate for some answers. Am I hurting my daughter with my breast milk or what. I am begging for help.

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