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why is red wine bad for you

In the first overhaul of alcohol guidelines for two decades, doctors will reportedly warn that there is no "safe" level of alcohol consumption and drinking just a small amount may in fact increase the risk of some cancers. A source said: "The report will send a clear signal that the dangers of drinking are far more than previously thought. "
The review was launched in 2012 and its findings are expected to reflect the latest research that links even occasional alcohol consumption to health problems in later life. The Government currently advises men do not drink more than three to four units per day - up to 21 units or less per week - while women should drink no more than two to three units a day, or 14 units per week. Under the new guidelines the gender difference will be thrown out and drinkers will be to keep off the booze for at least two days a week in order to allow their livers to recover.

A recent study by University College London found patients who gave up for four weeks saw benefits for their liver function, blood pressure and cholesterol levels and were also at lower risk of developing diabetes and liver disease. And a report by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) advised middle-aged people there is "no safe level of alcohol consumption". It says the same health benefits can be more easily achieved with exercise and healthy eating. Is red wine good or bad for you? With researchers divided on whether or not red wine should be considered healthy,.

Who are these co called 'experts'? What do they know. Keep changing their minds. I'll stick to red wine in moderation. Graham Adams (@GrahamAdams87) Red wine could. Stop weight gain As well as the recent study from Washington State University, in 2012 researchers in Korea found that another compound found in red grapes called 'piceatannol' has the ability to block the processes that cause fat cells to grow. Prevent cancer Scientists have revealed that 'resveratrol' may also help to prevent head and neck cancer. Researchers found that the compound has the potential to kill the damaged cells that can lead to certain cancers. But red wine could also. Hamper muscle healing Though resveratrol does help to slow down the ageing process, if taken in high doses it can have the opposite effect.

Researchers at the Manchester Metropolitan University said: "We analysed if resveratrol was able to promote the repair of muscle and reduce oxidative stress where free radicals - destructive molecules - speed up the ageing process. "At low doses, resveratrol did help the regeneration. However, if the dose is higher, it doesn't mitigate ageing from oxidative stress and even hampers the repair cycle. " Increase the chance of certain cancers Despite some research suggesting that drinking red wine could prevent certain cancers, a study published in Alcohol and Alcoholism found that drinking wine could increase the risk for breast cancer. High-fiber Tempranillo red grapes which are used to make certain red wines, like Rioja may actually have a significant effect on cholesterol levels, according to a study from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Spain.

Healthy study participants who consumed the same grape supplement found in red wine saw their LDL, or bad cholesterol, levels decrease by 9% among healthy. Participants with high cholesterol experienced a drop of 12%. What s the big deal? Excess LDL ends up getting deposited in arterial walls and forming plaque, which causes arteries to stiffen and blood pressure to rise, ultimately leading to heart attacks, says Arthur Agatson, MD, an associate professor of medicine at the University of Miami and author of The South Beach Heart Program. MORE:

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