why do you want to work on a cruise ship

Working on a cruise ship is a life changing experience. People from all over the world flock to these floating cities to travel the world and enjoy a well deserved vacation. Its a massive industry that wants to hire adventurous people just like you. The cruise industry is definitely a funPplace to work. Where else can you find cool jobs in places like the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, the Mediterranean, the South Pacific, or Europe? Thats right the cruise industry will pay you to travel from port to port in some of the most stunning places in the world.

If youre not convinced that working a cruise ship is a good move for you, here are 7 solid reasons why you should work on a cruise ship:
Working on a cruise ship is starting to sound pretty nice, right? We highly encourage everyone to research the life of a cruise ship employee. Whether you make cruise ship life intoPa career move, use it as a way to travel on your gap year, or workPseasonally the cruise industry wants and needs people like you.

Do you want to work on a cruise ship? PCheck out the following employers to discoverPsome of the hottestPjob listings: JobMonkey. com is your one stop resource for everything you need to know about working on a cruise ship. with the employers listed above. They all regularly post job opportunities on the JobMonkey JobCenter. Best of luck and have fun out there! One of the main reasons people choose to work on cruise ships is the chance to travel to many places they might not otherwise have the opportunity to see.

Since they live on the ship, they receive room and board as part of their compensation. They travel the world without paying for expensive hotels and food. Employees typically sign contracts to work on a ship for six to nine months. Although they don't receive a lot of time off per week, they do have the chance to explore the ports where the ship docks. At the end of their contracts, they can sign on to another ship going to new destinations.

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