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Answered On : Oct 4th, 2007 I like cordinating kind of job. Convincing candidates as well as clients is very interesting thing which I like most. Communicating with different kind of people and actto thesuitation is a good experiance. Amrita Nivas Answered On : Jul 2nd, 2008 HR-Human Resources. As per my view to be a good HR person we need to have excellent interpersonal skills, good friendly attitude, decision making skills etc. An HR is the back bone in an organization. Right from recruiting the suitable candidate to training and then performance appraisal and then compensation and then exit interview. everything everystep involves an HR. So, if you want to be a soul of an organization not just a part of it, you should be an HR. Jamshaid Ashraf Answered On : Apr 4th, 2009 Human Resource is a backbone of any organization. It is very important to provide right person for management and staff for better development of an organization and achieving goals. An HR concerned right from recruiting to select suitable candidate for right position. That is why, I choose Human Resource field as a profession because I want to be work as a key and soul of organization. joy011 Answered On : Apr 15th, 2014 Human Resource is one of the most vital job functions in an organization.

These HR professionals are responsible for identifying, and acquiring talents for their companys better future. They have a say in formulation of employee policies and ensuring their implementation. Choosing Human Resource as a specialization is a matter of personal choice, although it is best suited for professionals who have people skills, like to interact with different personalities. HR professionals are likely to be in charge of a lot of confidential data, and therefore the ability to keep secrets is also one of the major traits that a HR guy must have. Human resource as a major is definitely required for getting a job in one of the good organizations since they place importance on your educational credentials. sarhak samal Answered On : Dec 23rd, 2015 HR is a good sector for all organization. It is most difficult stages for all employee and worker every time to handle all employee and work, it is backbone of the HR sector. Shey boris nyuyyuni Answered On : Dec 10th, 2016 I chosed HR because its a very challenging and demanding feild and being someone who love challenges, it will enable me better understand people and why they behave the way they do within the organisations, welcoming options with flexibility and not seeing things only from my view but in a wider scale seeking the best out of peoples views and opinions. gourav aananda Answered On : Apr 16th, 2017 Sir I believe that I can understand the skill very well and most importantly I have quality to interact with the person knowing problem and lastly try to solve that problem as per skill, and more or less HR is all about taking care of employee.

Rajesh Ranjan Answered On : May 17th, 2017 Human resource is a heart of an organization where it builts the interpersonal relationships with internal customer & external vendor. In these they develop the skills by providing the training & have the patience to work under high pressure & resolving the Conflicts as well as to developed the work culture environment. Osheen Raina Answered On : Aug 21st, 2017 In my opinion, taking care of employees and solving their problems is the prime job of every HR. Solving employees problem must be their in the culture of the organization bcoz organizations success is completely depends on the hardwork of the employees and satisfying them is a very challenging part. muhyadin bashir Answered On : Nov 19th, 2017 HRM is the one of the best important of any organisation that want to reach good level.

It involves all works of organisation like recruitment proper person, making decisions, solving conflicts that can happen in an organisation in future, etc. , Here you are face to face with your interviewer. P Its the moment youve been waiting for, preparing for. P Will you nail the interview or will you be stumped by the interviewers questions? P Anticipating the potential questions you might be asked and ensuring you have concise, well thought out answers will be time well spent in advance of this moment of truth. Here areP11 of the most frequently asked interview questions. P Make sure you take the time in advance of the interview to develop strong answers to each of them. PIt will be worth your time and energy. 1. P Tell me about yourself. P The answer should give the interviewer a brief profile, history, 5 7 key sound bites, and should be answered in 5 7 minutes. P 2. P What are your strengths

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